Factors You Need To Consider Before Undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery

Many people wear glasses or contact lenses to correct refractive errors in their vision. However, for some, it may be hassle-some to wear eyeglasses the whole day, or their high refractive powers may prevent them from participating in certain activities and even careers. In all such cases, LASIK eye surgery is recommended by doctors all around the world. 

LASIK eye surgery gives the benefit of near-perfect vision to the majority of the people who undergo it. However, there are a few things that you should consider before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. 

 What Makes You a Good Candidate For LASIK Eye Surgery?

To be eligible for a LASIK eye surgery, you need to check the following pointers:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a medical eye prescription that is unchanged for a year
  • Have little to no corneal scarring
  • Not have an autoimmune disease or diabetes
  • Not have thin corneas
  • Not have severe dry eyes

Is there any Pre-Surgery Care Required Before LASIK Eye Surgery?

You may have heard about post-op care after eye surgeries. However, pre-surgery care is equally important. For example, you must stop wearing lenses, be it hard or soft, at least two weeks before the surgery. In addition, avoid wearing makeup at least a week prior to the surgery. All these may seem quite bizarre, but following them will reduce the chance of getting an eye infection after the surgery.

Would You  Still Need To Wear Glasses After the Procedure?

Although LASKI eye surgery has a high success rate of 99%, you may still need to wear glasses in severe cases. Therefore, whenever we go for surgery, we must also understand the limitations of the procedure. The majority of the candidates experience near-perfect vision a day after the procedure. However, in 1% of cases, you might still need glasses to aid the vision.

Are there Side Effects to LASIK?

The benefits of LASIK eye surgery overshadow the limitations and side effects of the procedure. You may experience dry eyes, blurriness in the vision, a glare in the eyesight during bright light, etc. However, all these side effects are minor and temporary. They do not affect one significantly. Moreover, these subside as the recovery period progresses. In very few cases, these side-effects of the LASIK eye surgery are reported as severe.

Can You Exercise Post LASIK?

Do not worry! It is only for the time your recovery period lasts, which is around 4-6 weeks. If you are a sportsperson, then this may be quite difficult for you. But avoiding exercise will reduce the chances of infection or injury as the eyes are sensitive post-surgery. And once an injury is caused, it may delay the healing process that may worsen your vision in the future.


One must consider the factors mentioned above before going for LASIK eye surgery to treat vision problems.  It is recommended to consult a doctor before going for the surgery and discuss all the apprehensions to care needed beforehand.

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