What is the Difference between Facelift machine and Microcurrent machine

Machines have made life easier for us; we have every type of machine these days, whether we need to do laundry or it’s about our beauty treatments. We have machines for every need of life, and when it comes to our beauty, we need to be more choosy and careful about machines. There are two machines used for beauty treatments, 1) Facelift machine (radiofrequency) and 2) microcurrent machine.

Microcurrent Machine

A machine is used for a workout on the face to stimulate collagen and tighten the loose muscles is called a “Microcurrent machine”. It uses low-voltage current to stimulate collagen, tighten the loose muscles, and enhance facial structure; for example, after treatment, you can see a clear difference than before. This machine is the best microcurrent machine for estheticians if you think to start treatments of electric facials in your clinic.

best microcurrent machine for esthetician

The microcurrent machine helps you to get wrinkles and fine lines free skin. It helps facial muscles to improve their functionality, even it improves the skin tone, and enhance your facial features. An important feature of a microcurrent machine is the “pinch and hold” technique. This feature of the microcurrent machine delivers the benefits of the low-voltage current into the muscles to give you outstanding results.

To get the best results from the treatment, follow the time chart according to your aestheticians. Ensure that she has the best microcurrent machine for estheticians.

Facelift Machine (Radiofrequency)

If we describe it as a technical point, then radiofrequency is the number of waves same as sound waves or wifi signals. Radiofrequency technology is one of the popular technologies in aestheticians and beauticians. It’s the main reason to increase the number of facelift machines in markets. It has become a popular source worldwide for the treatment of the face and body as well.

Now the question is that how it works? It produces heat to the skin’s deeper layer to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. In this treatment, the treated area reaches its optimum temperature up to 40 to 50 degrees Celcius, and it reduces useless fibers and increases elastin’s growth. 

It’s a safe and painless treatment; it’s also used to tighten your skin and enhance your facial features, the same as a microcurrent machine.

Difference between Microcurrent and Facelift machines

There are few differences between both machines, which we are describing below.

Features of Microcurrent machines

  • Microcurrent machines are used to tighten the facial muscles.
  • It uses a low-voltage current to stimulate facial features.
  • Microcurrent machines help facial muscles to improve their functionality and help to push away aging factors.

Features of Facelift machines (radiofrequency)

  • Radiofrequency is used to tighten the facial skin.
  • Radiofrequency produces heat to increase collagen and elastin’s growth.
  • Radiofrequency helps to lift your facial features and gives you a glamorous look.

Both microcurrent machine and facelift machine are helpful and provide you excellent results. As for as the treatment is concerned, both are painless; you need to be consistent.  

If you think that which is the best treatment for you, then both are excellent, but it depends on your skin type that which treatment suits you most. If you want to clear your confusion, there is the best way that you should contact your beautician or aesthetician to get a better idea. She will properly guide you that what treatment is best for you.

If you want to have, good results follow your aesthetician’s guidance properly and don’t miss any appointments. Do research properly before contacting aestheticians, visit her clinic and share your facial problems in detail. Ensure that she has the best microcurrent machine for estheticians. You will get your desire results after making these efforts.

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