Essentials for a Healthy Home

Thinking about all of the toxins that individuals are exposed to on a daily makes me feel sick. I’ve always been health-conscious. My mother was a nurse, so keeping our house clean was important to her especially that we are facing pandemic. We also ate healthy food, exercised as a family, and used healthy household equipment such as an air filter.

However, there was one area where we fell short: toxic-free cleaning. Clorox, Bleach, and Lysol were used by my mother as if the world relied on them! She did, after all, get rid of the germs… She did, however, leave a lot of dangerous chemicals in her wake.

When we first started our family, I did a lot of study on healthy home living. It’s still one of my favorite topics to talk about when I meet new people.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few essential things that you’ll need to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for your family.

Used Free Toxin in your Cleaning Routine

I used only a few products to deep clean our entire house:

  • Baking Soda 
  • White Distilled Vinegar 
  • Lemon Essential Oil 
  • E-cloths and Norwex Cloths
  • Vacuum 
  • Steam Mop

What’s missing from this list? Chemicals. Used non chemicals materials for cleaning because this might cause harms to our family. Check out websites like Home Guidelines or Ohana Home Improvement for more home cleaning tips and ideas.

Drink Pure Waters

Water is the most essential of our bodies. It plays important roles in every function which our organs and cells need to stay alive. You’re probably not drinking enough, and what you are drinking is probably full with chemicals.

“Drinking appropriate amounts of the right kind of water will also do more to improve your health than anything else you can do,” said Dr. Colbert, author of Eat This and Live! When patients first come to his office, he treats them with water.

It’s not just any water…the it’s right one. So, what is the right type? I know what you’re thinking: I drink bottled water to be safe. Actually, that’s probably the worst possible case.

A survey of 100 different brands of bottled water found that roughly 30% of them included arsenic, bacteria, and other pollutants. The FDA regulates bottled water, allowing for a certain quantity of pollutants in the water. The EPA regulates tap water, requiring communities to test their water daily (FDA only tests bottled water annually). The EPA also requires no traces of microorganisms (think poop), but the FDA does not, therefore poop in your bottled water is perfectly fine. Dr. Colbert advises Penta Water if you’re going to consume bottled water.

However, just because city or well water is better to many popular bottled water brands does not mean it is the best water.

A filtration system can help you make the best quality of water. Most store-bought filtration systems and refrigerator filters are carbon filters. Although these can eliminate 90% of lead and most chlorine, the majority of toxins will still get through. It’s also essential to maintain these filters ‘fresh,’ because the bacteria in the filter might grow more bacteria, which could eventually flow into your water.

Distillers and reverse osmosis are two additional common filters that remove everything from water…including important minerals. If you use these filters, be sure to adding your water with minerals once it has been filtered.

I’ve previously used the trace minerals listed below. Your water may become acidic due to reverse osmosis. Our bodies flourish in a slightly alkaline environment, and because water is used throughout the body, it’s critical to keep those alkaline levels in check. You may buy alkaline drops to balance your water in the same way you can buy trace minerals.

Alkaline water filters produce the best-filtered water. Our gym has a person who fought stage 3 cancer with natural ways (no chemo!). Drinking high alkaline water was a big part of his cancer-free program, because your body heals best in an alkaline environment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

My allergies were terrible when we first came to the new place we live! I was suffering from a chronic sinus headache. But something weird happened when we moved from our first apartment to a townhome just down the street: my headaches started to disappear.

So, what was the difference? I’m very sure the townhouse had better indoor air quality than the apartment. There was carpet in the apartment and possibly poor air circulation, but the townhome was quite new with all wood or tile floors. 

Even though we had carpet, I never experienced allergies as I grow up, and I believe it was because we had multiple air purifiers running throughout the house.

I also surround myself with plants that have been proved to cleanse the air. The golden pothos (also known as Devil’s Ivy) and snake plant are two of the easiest plants to maintain alive and clear the air.

Germ Free Humidifier

Are you sick of stinky clothes and nighttime coughing due to dryness? That’s where a humidifier comes in! We’ve had this germ-free humidifier for a few years and use it every night! Before buying a humidifier, I did a lot of research on them. Most humidifiers are bacteria breeding grounds, especially if they aren’t properly maintained.

Just remember to empty the water container when the humidifier isn’t in use, regardless of whatever model you buy. I normally empty it as soon as I get up and let it air dry.

Non-Toxic Cookware

These days, even your kitchenware is going to harm you. Cookware having Teflon-coated nonstick linings, for example. This applies to your tea kettle as well. Glass or 100 percent ceramic cookware are the healthiest options. I have two sets of cookware: 1) ceramic, which I usually use for dishes that travel from stove to oven (using fewer dishes means less dishes to wash), and 2) stainless steel with copper core (sauteing and I love the vegetable steamer).

Imagine how much longer we would live if we simply avoid these toxins from our houses! Share your favorite healthy home product or suggestion in the comments section below!

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