What Are the Long-Term Effects of Ergophobia?

Ergophobia is an extremely insanity-driven and crippling fear of working as well as of the aspects of work, like interactions with others or speaking in workplace environments. To be classified as ergophobia the symptoms have to last for more than six months, and cannot be explained better by other conditions such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) generalized anxiety, or another phobia.

What Is Ergophobia?

Ergophobia is the term used to describe the crippling fear of having to go to work.  Ergophobia is the term used to describe the crippling fear of having to go to work.  DSM-5 does not designate ergophobia as a distinct disorder. Rather, it classifies all specific phobias into one category, but the specific situations or objects of fear are different and fall into one of five categories. Animal, natural environment, blood injection injury, situational or otherwise.  

ergophobia causes symptoms

In order to be diagnosed with the ergophobia, which is a specific one and other disorders of the behavioural health should be excluded such as anxiety disorders, panic disorder obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) and separation anxiety, as well as social anxiety. The difference is that the fear of irrational things at workplace and social situations workplace doesn’t necessarily stem from the underlying anxiety that isn’t related to work such as trauma from the past or anxiety.

What is the cause of ergophobia?

As with other phobias, the reason for fearing work is rooted in the history of each individual. Self-esteem issues, a negative incident in the workplace, career failure and burnout, tales that were told in childhood, etc. Fear that one could make a mistake and then being compelled to conform to the pre-designed mild can make someone feel scared. There was a mix of various aspects: self-confidence apprehension as well as a fear of responsibility and a refusal to be held accountable. The fear manifests in various ways from one person to the next. The fear can also arise from trauma or emotional shock.

Symptoms of Ergophobia

Similar to most fears, anxiety is the most severe and debilitating symptoms that are experienced. Like we said, someone who suffers from ergophobia might experience anxieties that are so invasive as well as overwhelming they even suffer full-blown panic attacks that need hospitalization. Although this isn’t typical but it’s possible for this to happen.

People with ergophobia could discover that they are unable to work in a normal job, making it very difficult to earn a living. Thus, a person suffering from this condition may be forced to depend on others for their essential services and necessities. 

Ergophobia Treatments

There isn’t a solution specifically developed for the condition known as ergophobia. However, exposure therapy might be able to aid. This type of therapy is among the most widely used and effective treatments for people suffering from the most anxiety disorders. As the name suggests exposure therapy is a method of making the therapist gradually expose the person to the fear as time passes. The aim is to remove the patient to their fears through repeated exposure to their fears.

It is vital to make sure that your therapist is highly skilled and has lots of experience dealing with fears. This is crucial because should the therapist expose the patient to excessive exposure before they are prepared to take it on, the exposure could have a negative result on them, and could increase their ergophobia.

Seek help from mental health professionals

If you believe you could suffer from any or all of the symptoms associated with this disorder If so, you could be able to benefit from treatment. You are welcome to talk to your physician or your local mental health clinic or an online counselling resource like TalktoAngel to find out the options available and find out what kind of promo or discount coupon that can help pay for therapy.

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