What Makes Practice Fusion EHR the Right Choice for Your Practice

What is Practice Fusion EHR?

EHRs are the initial step towards a better developed and innovative healthcare system. Practice Fusion is a web-based EHR for ambulatory setups that help small and independent healthcare practices to manage duties including scheduling, charting, labs and imaging, prescription prescribing, and revenue management. 

The unified EHR software improves communication between you and your patients to promote quality healthcare. Practice Fusion EHR assists various medical specialties, including Dermatology, Cardiology, Mental health, Physical therapy, and more. According to Practice Fusion reviews, it provides treatment to over 5 million patients each month and helps medical facilities enhance efficiency, productivity, and revenues.

How Practice Fusion EHR Helps Medical Practices?

Practice Fusion EHR helps healthcare settings streamline their clinical, financial, and administrative tasks through its proficient features.

Clinical Charting

Practice Fusion EHR has thousands of clinical charting templates that you can personalize to fit your needs. For speedier charting and fewer manual entries, you can select from a provider-specific list of commonly used illnesses, medicines, and pharmacies.

It includes time-saving charting features, including specialty-specific templates and automatic favorite lists, which allow you to search for diagnosis codes using keywords and follow a patient’s health data over time. Overall, with configurable shortcuts, the Practice Fusion EHR Software seamlessly arranges patient data and templates in your clinical documents.

Electronic Prescription

Practice Fusion EHR Software has a robust e-prescribing feature that makes tasks easier for you and your patients. The Electronic Prescription features enable you to order and distribute prescriptions virtually, manage pharmacy interaction and medical orders.

It also handles refill requests for any recurring drug using a two-click prescription refill facility. According to Practice Fusion reviews, one of the best parts about the e-Prescription feature is that it provides timely alerts regarding potentially harmful drug interactions, making it a valuable feature for your medical practice.

Lab Integration 

Practice Fusion allows you to examine and share lab results in real-time. You can view the results of diagnostic and lab tests directly in your patient’s records, with abnormal results marked to aid in identifying treatment needs.

The patient portal allows you to communicate the results with your patients electronically. Another significant advantage is the ease with which you can refer and share your patients’ test results and clinical records with other healthcare providers using Practice Fusion EHR Software.

Patient Portal

The Practice Fusion EHR offers a patient portal that is extremely helpful in reducing administrative tasks. Patients can access their medical information and lab results with the help of the patient portal at any time. 

Moreover, they can also browse through population health information and education tools to learn more about their medical issues and treatment options. You can also schedule a Practice Fusion demo to navigate through the patient portal in a live setting.

Billing Solution

Whether you handle billing in-house or through a billing provider, Practice Fusion will assist you in getting paid faster. Practice Fusion is one of the most powerful web-based medical billing software available, and it connects with your EHR smoothly. Before, during, or after the visit, you can use your EHR to check insurance eligibility and record patient copays.

Patient Engagement

Practice Fusion can help you reduce costly patient no-shows, improve patient experience, and save your staffs’ time on the phone. Practice Fusion’s EHR subscription includes text, voice, and email alerts with confirmation to help manage your workflow.

Automatic Updates

The top software is known for updating itself regularly to keep up with developments in the healthcare business. You may feel confident that all updates are made automatically and in real-time with Practice Fusion EHR. Practice Fusion employs rapid cycle development models, allowing response to changes faster than the market competitors.

Practice Fusion Pricing

An EHR cost depends upon many factors, such as features, specialties, and type of deployment. The Practice Fusion EHR Software is reasonable for small to mid-sized practices. The EHR cost starts at $149 per month per provider. The pricing includes training, implementation, and customer support.

What Do Users Say About Practice Fusion EHR?

Reading multiple user reviews is one of the most critical steps while purchasing an EHR Software. We recommend reading as many Practice Fusion reviews as possible before directly acquiring the software. We have gathered below some pros and cons of the software based on user reviews. Here you go!


  • It provides easy-to-use software that allows users to preview, edit, and retrieve patient information.
  • It secures all data in a private cloud and offers a variety of document storage solutions.
  • It has a cheap monthly subscription and variable licensing to meet the specific demands of your practice.
  • It allows for rapid implementation with zero delays. 
  • Practice Fusion also offers one-on-one EHR training to help customers tailor the solution to their specific needs.
  • Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and ONC certification standards are all met by the vendor.


  • Their customer service is unresponsive. When new features add on, the users find it challenging to navigate through them.
  • Because of system faults, it often gives a challenging user experience causing glitches that may hinder your workflow.

Concluding Thoughts about Practice Fusion EHR

Choosing the appropriate EMR solution is one of the most critical decisions you can make for your healthcare facility’s success. Practice Fusion provides you with peace of mind by ensuring excellent protection for necessary medical information. Users applaud the EHR software for its ease of use and accessibility.

Healthcare providers that have tried the Practice Fusion Demo attest to its ability to help medical facilities deliver electronic services and optimize clinical operations. You can access the software’s user interface from any location and on any device that has an internet connection. 

Furthermore, its cloud-based approach eliminates the need for you to maintain additional gear or software. Patients can also easily access their health records because of the user-friendly interface. This feature allows patients to take an active role in their care, thus, increasing patient engagement.

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