Economic activity after Pandemic

The Pandemic of Covid-19 has changed the lives of billions of people who live all over the world. The people have suffered a lot in terms of money as well as the lives of their loved ones. There are thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to recession and lack of business opportunities due to lock down conditions. The people who had other sources of income also got affected as the tenants could not pay the rents of the apartments or the commercial buildings. The trend of online shopping has increased a lot during these months of stress and frustration. The negative impact of corona virus has spared no one. Economic activities of a number of countries got affected with this pandemic so much so that they had to request IMF for monetary help.

All the events that are arranged each year like sports events, film festivals, business events and many other major events like World Cup of hockey, football or cricket all are crucial for economic stability of a country. During the pandemic all the national and international events got cancelled and it has a great impact on not only the economic position of a country but the whole world.

Education Sector and Its Impact on the Economic Activity

 The world has experienced a nightmare in form or corona virus and it has love its deep scars on the lives of the affected people as well as the nations. Right after the governments found it out that controlling the pandemic was not as easy as they thought in the beginning they opted for complete lockdown where all the shopping malls as well as the educational institutions got closed and so did the writing help providers like . When the colleges, schools and universities get closed no new enrolments take place and the already enrolled students do not pay the fee for the time they don’t attend college. According to the AssignmentwritingInc experts the pandemic situation affected the education sector and indirectly the economy of the country.

Amusement Parks and Restaurants

One of the most affected industries of the world is that of the event venues, restaurants and the amusement parks that contribute to collection of a lot of revenue. When the corona virus spread all over the world most of the countries implemented strict lockdown and the parks and restaurants were closed for unlimited time. The five star hotels as well as the amusement parks for kids, everything that added to the revenue collection of a country was shut down. This had a lot of impact on the economy as there was no growth in it.

 The economic crisis does not end here most of the developed countries has to spend billions of dollars on the sanitization material and masks. They also had to spend a lot more in getting ready the corona virus vaccine and then vaccinating the people.

Today, all nations have understood the fact that it might take a long time to get rid of this virus forever and till then to lead a normal life the people of all ages should get vaccinated.

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