Eco-Friendly Nappies – Give Parents More Choice!

Deciding to add the third member to the family is all about the responsibility that every parent fulfills with all their hearts. Along with parenthood, there is another big responsibility that we should keep in mind and that is the “environment”. But we often forget to fulfill our second responsibility. On average a baby uses around 3,000 disposable diapers in the first year of his life, which is a lot and can have a massive impact on our environment for all bad reasons. 

So what’s the alternative? It’s high time for all parents to shift from their ordinary diapers to eco-friendly nappies. These eco-friendly nappies are good for the environment, as they decompose much quicker than an ordinary one. They are completely free from all the chlorine, bleaching, parabens, and fragrances. Along with eco-friendly ones, you can also look for re-useable nappies that can be used for years and years after a single purchase. 

They are a great way to save the environment and are also easy on your pockets. The skin of your baby is super soft and delicate, especially during the first year, these chemicals in ordinary diapers can easily damage their skin and can be proven harmful in the long run. So, it becomes even more important to choose the best nappies that are good for your baby’s skin along with the environment. 

So, here is the list of natural diapers which you can buy from baby online store will definitely help your little ones. 

Bambooty Easy Dry Nappy 

These easy dry nappy are exactly like their name. They are extremely absorbent without making anything feel bulky or heavy from anywhere. They are completely organic with 0% chemicals or any fragrance in them. These are eco-friendly and affordable too, hence, making it a perfect choice for your baby. 

Mum and You Eco-Nappies Trial Pack 

These are made up of sustainable wood pulp with the outer packaging of sugarcane. These are thin as paper and still manages to do a decent job of absorbing all the fluid. Along with these, they stand out because of their unique designs of cute kittens over them.

Kit and Kin Eco Nappies 

Kit and kin are yet another eco-friendly nappies that parents prefer for their kids. Though they are not reusable but still manages to do a bit from their side for the environment because of the biodegradable substances in them. They have cute designs that attract their customers to buy them. 

Andy Pandy Biodegradable Bamboo Diapers 

These are yet another natural diaper made from bamboos. These nappies are one of the most popular eco-friendly nappy options available in the market. They are super soft and comfortable, unlike other diapers. They are made from all-natural products with 0% chemicals and parabens in them. You can easily find them on Amazon. 

Mama Bear Best Fit Diapers by Amazon 

Mama bear diapers are made with all-natural ingredients including wood pulp and bamboos. As they are eco-friendly, hence decomposes much quicker than ordinary nappies. They are super soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin and can protect them from all those diaper rashes. 

These are some of the great natural diaper options available in the market. Along with these are plenty of other options too that you can definitely look for. If you’re planning to buy these diapers as a gift, then they make a great choice as they are useful and eco-friendly too. Along with these, you can choose to buy toys online as they are a kid’s favorite and can add a smile to their face easily.

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