eClinical EMR vs CareCloud EMR Which One is Better EMR

Not sure if eClinical EMR or CareCloud is best for your medical practice? We present you with a detailed comparison between the two solutions, exploring their core offerings, pros and cons, pricing, integrations, and support details. The comparison will improve your chances of choosing the right solution for your healthcare practice, but you must understand your practice’s unique requirements to know which product to go with. So, Let’s start without any further ado!

eClinicalWorks – An Overview

Developed by eClinicalWorks LLC, eClinicalWorks EMR is a privately-held vendor offering practice management and electronic health record solutions for multiple specialties. This award-winning EHR solution provides robust features to help medical practitioners streamline and automate their day-to-day workflows. It is distributed and designed by a company that has emerged as the industry leader in the development of health IT solutions. Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks EMR Software is a cohesive system that prides itself for developing all of its own technology. Key features include:

eClinicalWorks EMR Software
  • Patient engagement
  • Population health data
  • Telehealth
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Customizable reminders
  • Custom messaging campaigns

This highly intuitive platform perfectly caters to multiple healthcare settings, including mobile clinics, health centers, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, primary care offices, and more. On top of this, eClinicalWorks is highly acclaimed for its capabilities of making usability and customer satisfaction easy and prioritizing its customers like no other. It can be accessed on mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones. 

CareCloud – An Overview

With a focus on providing excellence in patient care,  CareCloud offers a cloud-based EHR solution to efficiently help healthcare professionals carry out the managerial aspect of their work. This flexible solution is a good fit for both small and large medical practices. It gives users the opportunity to create their own custom apps, enabling them to effectively address their business needs. Top healthcare providers are using CareCloud as it includes all the functionalities that make work paper-free and more profitable. It additionally aims to provide improved patient care by offering solutions for high patient engagement. Key features include:

  • Patient Portal
  • Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
  • Social Collaboration
  • Patient Acquisition Tools

CareCloud EHR Software also allows users to track and optimize all of their business-related processes. It comes with a clean and customizable dashboard that offers real-time data from your operations. On top of this, there is a patient portal module that facilitates communication between patients and providers. Practitioners can use this platform to engage with their patients and share their health information with them to help them with their wellbeing.  

Pros and Cons for eClinicalWorks & CareCloud

Target Customer Size

  • eClinicalWorks is designed to meet the needs of physician practices, out-patient departments of hospitals, ACOs, health centers, and clinics of different types and sizes. 
  • CareCloud EHR’s target customer size includes small, medium, and large healthcare businesses.

Support Details

  • eClinicalWorks:

eClinicalWorks offers support via phone and email.

  • CareCloud:

CareCloud also offers phone and email support to its customers.

Pricing Comparison

  • The pricing plan for eClinicalWorks EMR Software starts from $449 per user/month.
  • The pricing plan for CareCloud is available only upon request. 

Prominent Clients

  • eClinicalWorks:

Bergen Neurology Consultants, Arkansas Heart Hospital, Block and Nation Family Medicine.

  • CareCloud:

Universal Dermatology, Sanova Dermatology, Rockingham Foot & Ankle, and Core Orthopaedic Associates.


  • eClinicalWorks:

It supports integration with Chadis, IntelliDose, and Rosch Visionary System.

  • CareCloud:

Currently, this EHR System offers streamlined integration with ChartLogic EHR.

Which one to choose eClinicalWorks or CareCloud? 

The key is to consider the basic functionalities, user reviews, integrations, and support offered by eClinical EMR and CareCloud while keeping your practice requirements in mind. Although core features, pricing, and integration details are all important and should be taken into account while making the final purchase, you should also check out the user reviews and recognition received by every product. In most cases, a service with positive user feedback and reviews turns out to be the best choice. 

These two EHRs are the best choice to improve practice productivity and efficiency. However, if you are still unable to decide whether to go for eClinicalWorks or CareCloud, you may wish to explore the reviews and details for both at FindEMR.

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