Eating eggs to be healthy

Categorized as one of the rarest cheap super food of the modern diet, egg should play a great role in your daily diet. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect its consumption. 

Eggs are very nutritious 

Have you ever heard that egg is amazingly rich in nutrients that are sufficient to turn a single cell into a chick? It is caloric and brings in protein and healthy fats. Along with vitamin A,B2,B5,B12, D,E,K,B6, calcium and zinc; selenium, phosphorus and folate constitutes also the most important nutrient you can get from an egg. 

eating healthy eggs

By consuming an egg, you naturally eat different nutrients that you need for your body. Feel free to introduce it in any of your diet to have a little bit of the nutrients you need to linger your health and well-being. 

Eggs for your eye health 

It may sound uncommon but from now, remember that egg is also a food that can help you linger the health of your eyesight, especially if you get older. In fact, the eyesight degenerates with the aging. To counteract and stop the process, you need to increase the consumption of some nutrients. 

Among the most important nutrients that the eyes really need, there are the lutein and the zeaxanthin that are mostly present within the yolk. These are both antioxidants that have positive effect on the retina and that can also significantly reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

To take profit from these benefits, the senior can increase his/her daily egg-consumption by 1 to 3 egg yolks per day during 4 or 5 weeks. This will be enough to increase by 114 to 142 % the rate of lutein and zeaxanthin in your blood. 

Eggs: a sure source of protein

Human body cannot grow nor develop without proteins that are mainly responsible of the building of both tissues and molecules. If you cannot eat meat, for any reason, feel free to replace your source protein by an egg such as frozen egg. One single large egg equals six grams of proteins. 

It can then be used to fill the protein gap in your daily protein needs. Besides, it also brings some essential amino acids that can boost the protein transformation needed by the body for its consumption and transformation. 

Eggs: no impact on the heart health

You may probably wander how can eggs be benefic for the heart though it is a source of cholesterol. The answer is simple: many recent studies have shown that there is no link between the cholesterol contained within the egg and the heart disease or stroke. 

That is to say that you can eat egg without worrying about its possible insights on your heart health. There’s no need to demonize the egg. 

Egg: perfect ally to lose weight 

The key to go beyond your diet during a fasting is to stay full as long as possible. Once your stomach feels the satiety for a long time, you will not think about eating and will consequently reduce your calorie intake. And the egg is one of these perfect low caloric but very filling foods. 

This is mainly due to the various nutrients that it gathers. For that, if you replace your bagel by eggs for your breakfast, you will feel full up to 5 hours. For the next 36 hours following your breakfast, you will be tempted to consume lesser calories than if you ate for example bagel. 

And as you have reduced your calorie intake, you will automatically lose weight. That is the reason why many nutritionists introduce eggs in the diet program.