5+ Drastic Changes in Medical Industry that Emerged During COVID-19

Coronavirus entered in December, 2019 in the city of China-Wuhan, has resulted in almost 1.69 million deaths and 76.8 million cases worldwide. The pandemic has turned the tables upside down by pushing every country into lockdown. Employment rate has reached the highest toll while the world is facing the deadliest pandemic of all times. 

So far, COVID-19 has shown up humanitarian crises like no others and the field of medical science is left with countless researches and trials for the cure. 

The crises of global pandemic have led to unprecedented disruption of world’s economy. The field of medical science is witnessing the worst condition of healthcare and medicinal departments. 

However, now we are having a cure in our hands. Vaccine has arrived officially and the year 2021 would bring cure with itself to the mankind.  

This has not been easy! Every sector and industry has gone through the worst during the COVID-19 situation. The impacts and their stories are different and vary from each other. 

Keeping it to the medical industry and healthcare department, pandemic of coronavirus has brought a huge change into this field. There are several changes that emerged in the medicinal field and they are now going to stay forever with the field. 

Let us have a look on these 6 drastic changes in the medical industry brought by the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Increased demand and consolidation:

When the coronavirus emerged, it was called as a global pandemic by World Health Organization. Due to its undiscovered cure and vaccine, people were not having clue to keep themselves safe. The symptoms of the virus resembled fever and shortness of breath; this resulted in a huge and record demand of ventilators. 

The personal protective equipment became the only need of the hospitals. Doctors and paramedic staff all over the world was found in the dire need of testing kits and sanitizers. This demand is expected to grow more as the vaccine of virus is not fully available in every country and it needs time to be prepared. The smaller clinics and hospitals are also demanding the safety kits and ventilators and that is a record in the history. 

Supply chain management:

The supply chain management also witnessed a huge increment as the demand for the shipment of goods and manufacturers got increased. The sudden climb in the industry of supply chain management showed that the world needed the lifesaving equipment urgently. The countries with poor healthcare facilities also witnessed a huge death rate due to the virus. 

Several blogs and writers include top assignment help websites by highlighting it in their articles about the supply chain management and the impact of coronavirus over it. Due to the spread of virus all over the world, every state looked for the lifesaving equipment including mask and ventilator in a huge number. This field is now going to see a huge climb till the end of virus and even after it as well.

Increased focus on digital tech:

As the coronavirus emerged, the medical tech also took a change and there was an increased focus on the digital tech. The industry of healthcare witnessed an incredible increment in the demand of digital interfaces for the remote monitoring of the patients. For the physicians and consultants, it is risky to get too close with the corona patient every minute and they need a digital monitoring system that could keep them safe and patient monitored. 

These digital tools are already being used in the medical field since a very long time but due to the pandemic, their demand got increased for further diagnose of the disease. There are some highly used digital adoptions of technologies mainly telemedicine, AI-based X-ray and CT scan image analysis, and a lot other technologies are being used for the cancer treatment. This is why the demand for digital tech would definitely increase in the future. 

Adoption of medical manufacturing:

Due to the massive demands of ventilators and lifesaving equipment, auto and defense industries are also trying to play their part in the production of such equipment. Countries are manufacturing the ventilators and life-saving equipment on their very own to complete the need of their people and hospitals. 

Not only the ventilators and lifesaving equipment, but also the tremendous increment in the demand of KN-95 mask made them runs out of the stock. So many companies on the national level are manufacturing the mask and sanitizer along with the ventilators and lifesaving equipment. The medical blogs that is written through different nursing coursework writing help providers reflected on the huge need of masks in their recent study.

3D additive manufacturing:

Since the origination of coronavirus, doctors and paramedic staff was alert for the increased number of patients as people were not taking care. When WHO announced about the pandemic, people started to follow the safety measures, but the virus kept spreading. This resulted in a huge number of patients of coronavirus. 

Now, the doctors and physicians are using print ventilator spare parts, face shield and other lifesaving equipment. This is due to the contagiousness of the disease. Doctors are highly recommended to wear the shields and protective equipment so they could keep them safe from the virus. 

Adoption of AI:

Artificial Intelligence is also being the most highly adopted technology in the field of medical science due to the spread of coronavirus. It is the only technology that could detect the lung infection in the COVID patients accurately. 

This technology is also helpful enough for the prediction of any other upcoming pandemic in the future due to its prediction algorithm. 


This ultimate guide would help you to know about the 6 big changes that emerged in the medical industry during the COVID-19. We hope the virus to end soon and vaccine to be transfer quickly among each country to fight against the pandemic. 

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