Doing Dandasana yoga daily gives these 6 benefits to health, learn how to do it

Yoga is very beneficial for health, doing yoga regularly can keep you physically and mentally healthy. Many types of diseases can be cured by this. There are many types of yoga. One of them is Dandasana Yoga. By doing Dandasana yoga regularly, many problems of the body like digestion, brain, problems related to shoulders can be controlled. Today in this article we will tell about the benefits of Dandasana yoga and the methods of doing it.

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1. Keep the spine flexible

Dandasana yoga can be beneficial for you if you have any kind of problem in the spine. If there is any kind of problem in the spine, it becomes difficult to walk, stand and sit. In such a situation, Dandasana yoga is beneficial for you. Practicing this yoga regularly makes the spine strong and flexible.

Dandasana yoga

2. Relieve Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain can also be relieved by doing Dandasana yoga. This yoga can be beneficial in relieving pain in the lower part of the body such as feet, thighs and ankles. With the help of this yoga, the muscles of the hips and thighs are stretched, which can strengthen them. In such a situation, Dandasana can be effective in relieving the pain of sciatica.

3. Back muscles can become stronger

By doing Dandasana yoga, your back muscles can be strengthened. Actually, sitting on a chair for a long time causes a lot of pain in the back muscles, due to which there can be many problems. To get relief from these problems, you need to do Dandasana regularly. This can strengthen your waist muscles.

4. Keep your mind calm

Doing yoga calms the mind. You can also keep your mind calm with the help of Dandasana. Practicing this yoga regularly reduces stress hormones in the body, which calms your mind and helps you focus.

5. Stretch the shoulders

Desk workers often suffer from shoulder pain. In such a situation, Dandasana Mudra can be beneficial for you. The regular practice of this yoga creates a stretch in the shoulder, which can reduce shoulder pain.

6. Strengthen Digestive Power

Dandasana yoga can also be beneficial in keeping the digestive power strong. Due to which you can get relief from stomach related problems like constipation, abdominal cramps, pain. If you are suffering from digestive problems, then do Dandasana yoga regularly. It is very beneficial for you. OnlyMyHealth

How to do Dandasana?

  • To practice Dandasana yoga, first of all, sit on the yoga mat.
  • Now spread both your legs forward and then stick them together.
  • After this, pull the toes of both your feet towards your body.
  • During this, keep your thighs and ankles pressed on the floor.
  • After this keep both the hands straight and palms on the floor.
  • During this, keep the neck and spine straight.
  • Keep your chest lifted and the collarbone stretched out.
  • During this, pull the shoulders slightly and take a deep breath while looking in front.
  • Stay in this posture for about 20 seconds to a minute.

Doing Dandasana Yoga Mudra regularly can keep your body healthy. You can benefit a lot from this. But keep in mind that if you have any particular problem, then do this yoga only on the advice of the doctor.

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