Do you feature pain as inevitable along with dealing sufferings?

If you are a spirits, you understand that it is always a privilege to speak about spiritism and based on my own knowledge of my weaknesses in this present life. I know that I have a lot to learn and a lot of things to rectify a lot of wrongs that I have committed in the past.

Think of pain. A biological impulse in our brain rightly hits your brain saying the thing is wrong here either my physical integrity or my emotional integrity that are under attack right so it could be like breaking a leg while playing or running, then feeling extreme pain.

We all are familiar with and being in a physical body. We all get sick, and something eventually fails here and there we age and experience emotional pain since childhood.

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You cannot really stop human beings from experiencing pain at one point or another. This is why pain is inevitable. It is part of life, and it is inherent to our physical existence.

When we talk about sufferings, they are the response to pain that is not wise. It results in a detrimental effect on your mental stability and mental well being so if you respond to pain in a way.

For instance, if I respond to that pain of breaking a leg by saying- why me God, why not my neighbour? If you start rebelling against its natural flow of existence in the universe, you will surely experience many sufferings, and it happens that quickly in our heads.

Sufferings have monopoly

Suffering starts with a response that we make or give to a painful event. It can drag on and on and on throughout this entire physical existence or beyond. Suffering can also be repression or suppression. Suppression is conscious, and repression is unconscious of a painful event.

The proposition here really is that it is fine to experience pain, but it is better to understand that pain and then learn how to manage it and allow life circumstances to heal that pain.

Suffering offers a lot of times, where we have to make choices. For instance, I do not want to forgive someone. I am already suffering and rebelling against the principles of love and charity that Jesus taught us many years ago. He taught us to forgive because you do not want to carry that burden, but it is not.     

If someone has committed an injustice n your eyes and he is your very close relation. You want yourself to forgive him, and you want to rid yourself of that suffering. You do not want to carry that burden with you.

So there are lots of elements, and the human brain is very complicated. Still, at the same time, not a single person can excuse himself of making that assessment as we all have cautious and we all can stop for five minutes during the day and say is this wise should I forgive this person.

However, spiritism reminds us of how small we are n light of everything else in the universe in one another. So, spiritism always keeps us in our place, which is nothing better than acknowledging that you are a very humble worker in this universe.

But keep in mind that the more you inflate your ego, the more likely you will suffer because then you start victimizing yourself and start seeing yourself as being in every circumstance of life. You start giving yourself too much importance, and you start losing the way.

Pride and selfishness are very tricky, and they enter our head very quickly, and they just boom, and we fall. Selfishness is behind all evil. Therefore, keeping in mind that is a huge source of suffering support, no one needs to suffer or go through pains alone.     

We are social beings, and we need to reach out to someone, and it is okay to look for help at the centre if that is what you feel comfortable doing. We have resources at the centre people who have knowledge of spiritism who can help people who are there for each other.

If you feel it is a mental health issue, then going to a professional is always a good plan. It is okay to take support, and what is not okay is just suffering silence and repressing or suppressing your feelings like everything is a fair perspective.  

Financial terms

If you do not want to deal with it and feel the pain, try to replace that thought with something else.

There is a financial scope of getting financial help through direct lending as loans for people on benefits. This help is to secure ourselves from the financial pains.                 


Pain is inevitable. You cannot avoid pain does not matter your nationality you are; you will have the pain does not matter how you old are. It does not matter how many scars you have got you will have pain no one can escape pain, but we cannot learn how to manage pain.

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