Diagnosing The Breast Cancer With MRI

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among women not only in India but globally. The timely and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer is paramount in its prevention and successful treatment. As per research, 1 woman in 9 women develops breast cancer. There are different diagnostic methods for the diagnosis of breast cancer such as mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. MRI scan is considered a supportive imaging methodology.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of the breast is a beneficial and effective technique to diagnose breast cancer. This scanning methodology uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to obtain detailed images of the inside of the breast.

Why and When Doctor recommends the MRI Breast?

MRI Breast is one of the highly effective diagnostic and imaging techniques. The doctor recommends this magnetic resonance imaging of the breast to the women diagnosis and detection of breast cancer at the starting stage so that the oncologist can decide the treatment at the initial level. 

Not every female patient is recommended for an MRI breast, it is usually recommended to:

  • Women with dense breast tissues and at a high risk of developing breast cancer
  • Women with mutated BRCA genes
  • Women with a family history of the breast cancer

How is MRI Scan Beneficial for the Breast Cancer Patients?

MRI Breast is recommended for women due to its sensitivity and precision in diagnosing breast cancer. The procedure is beneficial for the patients because of various reasons:

MRI Breast detects breast cancer at an early stage more precisely mainly in female with a family history of breast cancer.

If you are categorized as an individual with a high risk of breast cancer developing, the regular breast MRI is the only safe and effective procedure for the early detection of cancer.

Breast MRI is highly beneficial in determining the extent to which breast cancer has spread.

It is a useful tool for identifying and accurately whether there is single or multiple tumors present in the same breast 

MRI Breast precisely locates the tumor and measures the exact size of the tumor present in the breast. It helps the doctor ensure whether it is possible to remove the tumor completely from the breast area with a surgical procedure without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

MRI breast helps in measuring the response of chemotherapy treatment to reduce the size of the tumor.

MRI is recommended to determine whether the breast cancer has recurred.

There is the possibility of capturing the breast implants over time. MRI Breast scan is beneficial to confirm whether the breast implants are raptured or not. It is usually ordered when the patient experience breast pain.

How does Breast MRI diagnose breast cancer?

  • MRI technician will instruct you on wearing the hospital gown and removing metallic objects like jewelry, hair accessories, and removable dental accessories.
  • The technologist may inject contrast media through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm for better clarity of the tissues and blood vessels.
  • During the scanning procedure, you will lie on the scanning table and your face will be downwards. In the table, your breasts fit into a hollow portion and the table slides into the scanner. 
  • The hollow portion in the scanning table contains the coils that detect the magnetic signals from the scanner. 
  • During the scanning procedure, the technologist will remain in another room to control the scanning machine and communicate with you through the intercom.

How much time does MRI Breast take?

The complete procedure of the MRI breast may take 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Why choose Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre for MRI Breast?

GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre) is one of the oldest nearby MRI centre in Delhi with a highly skilled team of radiologists and technologist who have in-depth expertise in the diagnosis of breast cancers using the advanced 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanner. We ensure the precise result without compromising on quality.


 MRI Breast is a highly powerful diagnostic technique for diagnosis of the breast abnormalities and breast cancer. It helps in locating cancer, its size, and its spread.  It is highly beneficial for women with a high risk of developing cancer and women with a family history of breast cancer. This advanced imaging technique helps in determining better treatment options.