Detailed information on Colonoscopy

Have you ever taken the colonoscopy test in the recent past? Do you have an idea about the process of colonoscopy? If not then you are at the right place. Colonoscopy is an advanced level test conducted by the gastroenterologists to judge the healthiness levels of your gut. This is one of the many tests that is advised to the patient when they are showing symptoms related to colon cancer.

Colonoscopy is used not only for detection of cancerous polyps in the colon walls but also to find out about any kind of abnormalities in the colon and the rectum. This is done by viewing the inside of the colon and rectum via a tiny video camera that is inserted using a thin flexible tube. This process also enables the doctor to remove small polyps that have grown inside the colon and also let’s the doctor gather tissue samples needed for further testing.

While colonoscopy is normally considered safe, this too possesses certain risk factors. The chances of them occurring are very few but the human body is complex, hence nothing can be guaranteed. So before you make up your mind to go for a colonoscopy, it is a good practice to sit with your doctor and discuss all the risks related to this test.

Moving on to the process of colonoscopy, it goes without saying that you have to prepare your body for this test. In order to do that you might have to follow some rules such as:

  • Follow a certain diet before the examination – A person needs to have a clear colon before they go for its examination. For that your doctor would give you a diet plan that you must follow strictly to avoid any hindrance on the day of colonoscopy.
  • Laxative for bowel movements – Depending on the need of your body you might be asked to take certain medicines or foods that might induce loose motion and will increase your bowel movements. These are advised for thorough cleansing of the colon.
  • Enema kit – If you have an issue of severe constipation and are also going to take a colonoscopy then there are chances that your gastroenterologist will ask you to take the enema kit. This will help relieve constipation and will clear your colon as well as rectum.
  • Medication modifications – If you are already consuming some medicines then you must ask your doctor whether there is a need to make a change in the consumption for the same. These need to be implemented a week in advance of the colonoscopy date, so choose your appointment accordingly.

Once you have abided by the above stated rules then on the day of colonoscopy you must be prepared that the whole process will last for about an hour. But since the patient is given sedatives before the beginning of the colonoscopy process it might take some time for them to get back to their normal self.

Now that you are acquainted with the details of the colonoscopy test all you have to do is look for the best colonoscopy center for yourself. Colonoscopy Santa Monica ca is considered one of the best in the list of colonoscopy centers. The team working here is extremely knowledgeable as they have so far provided many patients with their supreme service.

As a patient planning to undertake the colonoscopy test you must schedule a meeting with whichever gastroenterologist you are comfortable for your treatment. In this meeting try to gain information on all the above mentioned points and also clarify any other doubts that you have about your health levels as well as the colonoscopy process.

Colonoscopy is a process that can be taken by anyone having concerns related to their gut. This is both a preventive and a screening test. So the best approach would be to meet a gastroenterologist and check out if you are in need for this test or not.

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