Learning in Detail About Dental Implants

Due to accidents or old age, teeth can suffer. They might get broken, chipped, discolored, or worse – fall out. In this age and time, everyone has become conscious of how they look physically and go as far as getting their face cosmetically improved to get the perfect looking mouth or smile. However, visiting a good dental clinic in Dubai and investing some money in dental work could help you achieve a confident and sparkling million-dollar smile.

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Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons. The main reasons are tooth decay because of poor dental hygiene habits or an injury. Although bridges and dentures are still used, they have been popularly being replaced by dental implants.

Today, you are going to learn about dental implants in detail:

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants come with a wide range of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

Improved Confidence

If you have a lost tooth, especially in the front, you can become conscious of smiling and even speaking. However, dental implants look natural and work like real teeth that restore your confidence.


Compared to the hassle of removing and wearing dentures and cleaning them, dental implants are comfortable. They get fused to the bone. There is no need to remove them and get into the hassle of messy adhesives required to keep dentures in place.

Better Speech

Poor-fitting dentures slip within the mouth that leads to slurring or mumbling while speaking. With dental implants, you can speak confidently and a lot easier.

Easy Chewing

Tooth loss makes it difficult to chew. And chewing with dentures is not easy either. dental implants work like natural teeth that let you eat your food easily and painlessly.


Dental implants last for many years. With good oral care, you can increase the durability and make them last for life.

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants do not affect the surrounding teeth. They are left intact and unaffected which helps in improving overall oral health.

The Procedure Of Dental Implants

The first step of the procedure is the development of an individualized dental implant. The dentists are skilled and trained professionals of restorative dentistry and oral surgery. They keep the patient’s particular needs in mind. Also, they offer the patients coordinated care depending on the dental implant type that suits them best.

Next, the tooth root implant is placed in the socket of the missing tooth. The tooth implant is a small titanium material post. With time, the jawbone heals and grows around the implanted metal post. This assists the implant to get properly fused in the jaw. The healing process lasts from 6 to 12 weeks.

Candidates for Dental Implants

Anyone with good oral health and who has sufficient jaw bone left can get dental implants in Dubai. Patients who wish to get this treatment should have healthy gums and enough bone to secure the implant. Also, they must practice good oral hygiene and pay regular visits to the dentist to get their teeth checked.

Also, patients suffering from diabetes, heart disease, heavy smokers, cancer patients, those with uncontrolled chronic disorders, or who have had radiation therapy to the head or neck area need to be analyzed daily. It is better to talk with your dentist in detail about the pros and cons.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Those who have gone through this procedure experience a little discomfort during the procedure. Local anesthesia may be used during the procedure. Compared to other treatments, like tooth extraction, dental implants hurt a lot less.

There might be slight pain and swelling which you can get relief from by taking some painkillers as per the dentist’s recommendation.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are no disadvantages to getting dental implants as such. However, the only side-effect you might experience after getting dental implants is an infection that may occur after the surgery or failure of dentists to carry out the procedure if you choose a dental clinic that is not too reliable or experienced in terms of doing dental implants.

Owing to the natural appearance of dental implants coupled with their functionality and durability, dental implants are the best alternative for teeth restoration. It is a long-term solution that significantly improves your speech and eating skills along with regaining your lost confidence. Dental implants have a 98% success rate. So, you can move ahead with them easily if you have been looking for a dental clinic near me for quite some time. Getting dental implants is the best teeth replacement solution for you.

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