DEPRESSION – Major Depressive Disorder

What is Depression?

Depression is well defined as a mood disorder or major depressive disorder. It is a serious and most common disorder that negatively affects a person’s mental health, and in some cases, it may cause mental trauma. It can also lead to sadness or loss of interest in activities and various emotional and physical issues caused by depression. It can decrease the ability to perform any task, and sometimes it may damage the decision-making abilities of a person, which reflect the whole lifestyle of an individual.

In depression, people feel sad or mentally absent, which creates severe health issues, and people become dull and unable to perform anything with charm and effectiveness. Depression is one of the most common illnesses worldwide in competition; every individual is running a race of life. They face uncontrollable pressure of mind, which is the major cause of depression. If we discuss in figures, we estimate that 3.85% of the world population is affected by severe depression, of which 5.0% of people are adults. In adults, the numbers are so much high which creates a lot of hazards for their health, and it also harms the society or community in the long run.

depression can lead to suicide

Depression leads to a serious mental health condition. It can cause the person affected with depression to suffer greatly and function poorly at any place of life, or it also destroys the social life of an affected person, and at its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Over 700 000 people die due to suicide every year mostly adult’s the number of cases are higher in the case of adults. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds.


Depression affects a person’s mental health, but it also has other symptoms in which some affect the mood of a person, or some affect the physical health of a person. These symptoms are briefly discussed in the following manner.

  • Mood

The mood is nonphysical in which a person feels inner illness, for instance, anger, aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, restlessness

  • Emotional Well-Being

In such a scenario, a person is feeling empty, sad, or hopeless, and if these emotions continue for the long term, it may cause mental trauma, leading to suicidal thoughts.

  • Behavior

During the depressive phase, many people face behavioral issues like loss of interest, feeling tired, mood swings, drug addiction, suicide, loss of happiness & interest in activities once they enjoyed, and other similar kinds of things a person faces during the depression.

  • Cognitive Abilities

During the depression, a person may feel unable to concentrate on things, leading to difficulty in completing any task or delayed responses during conversations.

  • Sleep Patterns

Depression disturbs the sleep cycle of a person, or a person may face restless sleep, insomnia, and sometimes excessive sleepiness

  • Physical Well-Being

Depression harms the mental condition, provoking the person to cause harm to himself. In some cases, the major cause of heart attack or brain tumor is caused by depression.


Depression causes many inabilities in the person, which almost destroy the personality of a person. There are multiple possible causes of depression that harm the person mentally or physically, and these causes are mentioned below:

  • Family History

 Some people will get depression from their ancestors or have a family history of depression or other similar kinds of disorders. 

  • Early Childhood Trauma

One of the major causes of depression is if a person is facing any torture or mental pressure in childhood.

  • Medical Conditions

Insome cases, depression is caused by long-term illness, or taking too much medicine may lead to depression.

  • Drug Use

One of the significant causes of depression is using a high amount of alcohol or drugs. The person faces several effects from this, including anxiety, lack of sleeping, and depression.

Summarize In A Nutshell

Depression is considered the most dangerous disorder globally, which works as a slow poison for a person. It destroys the inner personality of the person facing depression. The depressed person faces severe mental or physical health issues. IF the same continues for a long time, it may lead toward the end of life. No one can understand the feelings of a person who is surfing from depression. The person becomes dead inside and witnesses mood swings frequently. It is also vital in harms the person, affecting its social and mental condition.

Depression varies from usual mood fluctuations and short-lived emotional responses to challenges in everyday life. Constant depression leads to a serious health condition. The intensity of depression may vary for ages or gender. According to research, the number of cases is high in the scenario of females due to several issues like internal changes in the bodies, external factors, societal pressure, and early marriage issue which raise the graph of females who is suffering from depression.

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