Top 7 Data Searches For Healthcare Staffing Companies

In between 54,000 as well as 139,000 doctors are expected to be needed in the United States by 2033. The most significant contributor to the continuing healthcare workforce shortfall is the aging physician population.

The number of practicing physicians will decrease as more doctors reach retirement age. Simultaneously, the number of elderly patients will also increase.

If you are focusing to hire one, then you can opt for the assistance of a top healthcare staffing company. They will be able to effectively guide you throughout the process.

The COVID-19 epidemic has exacerbated the shortage of personnel. As the number of coronavirus infections in the United States continues to increase, physicians and nurses are in great demand.

COVID-19 infections among healthcare workers are also a problem for hospitals as well as other healthcare institutions, and thereby reducing the availability of staff.

According to a survey conducted by Definitive Healthcare, 30% of acute care companies anticipate a staffing shortfall as a result of this pandemic situation.

So, the healthcare staffing firms are attempting to:

·         Look for new employment opportunities and vacancies.

·         Establish contact with recruiting managers as well as department leaders.

·         Assign suitable applicants to the appropriate positions.

The top seven most frequent data searches used by healthcare staffing companies to solve these difficulties are listed below.

1.  Physician Candidates By Specialty

A search for physician applicants particularly by specialty is the most frequent data search among healthcare staffing companies. Many of the top healthcare staffing company make use of physician databases to perform searches based on any of the following criteria:

·         Gender

·         NPI number

·         Range of age

·         Region

·         Level of clinical activity, or

·         Primary area of expertise

Staffing firms can fill particular jobs more quickly when they target applicants based on their specialties. For instance, a healthcare staffing company may be looking to fill a job for a heart surgeon in Massachusetts.

Staffing companies may limit their pool of prospective applicants by looking for doctors that specialize in heart surgery. Also, these firms can then check which cardiac surgeons in Massachusetts are licensed to practice.

This search aids staffing firms in locating qualified candidates which results in speeding up the overall hiring process.

2.  Executive Contacts And Important Opinion Leaders By Department

The physician database is also used by staffing firms to find executive contacts as well as important opinion leaders (KOLs). These people may occupy roles such as:

·         Board member

·         Head of the department

·         Chief of surgery

·         Practice owner

These individuals are most likely to take recruiting decisions specifically inside their departments. Staffing companies can endorse candidates more swiftly and readily as they have access to their contact information.

Also, these companies may be able to learn more about the specific qualities they want in a candidate. These characteristics or qualities could include information from your employment histories, such as referrals or procedure volumes.

3.  Mergers And Acquisitions, And People On The Move

Users usually search for news as well as information in Definitive Healthcare’s Hospitals & IDNs database. They may use this search to look for information on a variety of topics in the healthcare sector, including:

·         Partnerships with hospitals

·         Closures of facilities

·         People on the move

·         Bankruptcy notices

·         Mergers and acquisitions

When integrated delivery networks (IDNs) acquire or merge with completely new facilities, this might contribute to the creation of new employment opportunities. In this position, health systems may need temporary personnel, such as locum tenens providers.

News, as well as intelligent search, may be used by staffing companies to discover these opportunities. Healthcare staffing companies can also look for individuals that are on the move.

They may be notified specifically about C-level executives who are accepting positions at a distinct healthcare institution. This information can be used by staffing firms to fill vacant job positions at the individual’s former workplace.

4.  Proposal Requests

Staffing firms usually look for requests for proposals (RFPs) in the Hospitals & IDNs database. RFPs are classified under a variety of categories as well as kinds, including:

·         Renovation or construction

·         Acquisitions of long-lasting medical equipment

·         Implementation of new technologies

·         Ambulance service requests, or

·         Hospital food-management changes

Hospitals that are focusing to expand their facilities or update their electronic health record (EHR) systems might need more staff.

During a transition phase, temporary employees may offer them extra assistance. RFPs like this is tracked by staffing companies. This helps to effectively address the issues experienced by the hospitals. Also, it tends to anticipate staffing requirements.

5.  Physician Credentialing Specifically Via. Commercial Claims

Definitive Healthcare’s medical claims database is used by several healthcare staffing companies. This database is used by staffing companies to complete the physician credentialing procedure.

Physician credentialing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure. Before putting applicants in new roles, healthcare staffing companies must complete the credentialing procedure.

Verifying a physician’s education, work background, as well as professional references are involved in credentialing. Staffing firms must also double-check physician caseload statistics as part of this process.

Caseload data assists staffing firms in demonstrating that a candidate is capable of performing all of the duties of their new job.

These firms can search for all the claims that a particular physician billed for in a given year. This certification ensures that doctors can execute the treatments to which they have attested while also meeting the needs of their new position.

6.  Ambulatory Surgical Centres

Definitive Healthcare’s ambulatory surgical center database is specifically being used by an increasing number of companies.

The staffing companies make use of this database to look for possibilities in the outpatient market. Over the last several years, the outpatient market has expanded substantially.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, this growth is likely to accelerate. Many patients link hospitals with being exposed to viruses and due to this particular reason, they prefer the convenience of an outpatient clinic.

Staffing companies use the surgical center database to look for institutions and areas where there may be a lack of competent surgeons.

They also get access to news and information about the surgical center industry. This information assists staffing firms in identifying outpatient recruiting opportunities.

7.  Applicant Tracking System Or ATS

Candidates now want more control specifically over the recruiting process. Here, comes the role of the Applicant Tracking System.

So, the ATS software, you choose should include user-friendly features like a screening solution that enables candidates to complete skills tests, check back on their status, complete EEO info, sign-off on background checks, get offer letters, and a lot more.

Using a good applicant tracking system can assist in effectively enhancing the recruiting process

Final Thoughts

Physicians, nurses, midlevel’s, as well as other highly trained healthcare workers are in short supply, presently.

That is why today’s healthcare recruitment should be long-term in nature. It’s critical to have the appropriate tools in place to maintain your talent pipeline full to provide a candidate experience that pays off in the long run.

In this regard, you can opt for the assistance of a top healthcare staffing company that will help you throughout the process.

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