Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

Over the past ten years, healthcare has increased as a result of the UAE’s reputation for having the highest level of healthcare facilities. Many people benefit from high-quality healthcare treatment due to health insurance in Dubai

The UAE is a top destination for expatriates seeking to relocate since it provides some of the best healthcare infrastructure in the world. For ex-pats residing in Dubai, health insurance is crucial in ensuring the country’s high standard of healthcare. There are various approaches to treating the problem, and while some nations focus on healthcare insurance systems, others offer free medical treatment.

Choosing the right factors to consider when purchasing medical insurance is the hardest decision a person can make. The next step after determining your budget is to examine several health insurance plans to see which one offers the perks and coverage that are most appropriate for you.

When purchasing a health insurance policy, you should take into account the following important factors:

Verify all of the Fundamental Policy Guidelines

  • Examining all core parts of the policy and evaluating it with other options on the market is the first and foremost crucial step in purchasing any type of health insurance in Dubai.
  • Every insurance has a distinct upper and lower age limit, so be sure to look at the policy’s age requirements. 
  • As you pay a premium to receive a particular amount of coverage, be sure to check the premium, coverage, and sum insured as they are all related and the amount of the sum insured will depend on your premium payment and vice versa.

Procedure for Claim Settlement

Find out how the claim process works; it ought to be simple and convenient. An emergency situation or delay in submitting the claim may cause the patient and family much stress. It is wise to research the claim procedure of the company before making a decision.

Cashless Hospitalization

Health insurance providers have contracts with hospitals in their network where the policyholder can receive benefits and cashless care.  No money is necessary upfront, and there is no need for tedious paperwork. Insurance companies in UAE directly pay the hospital. Check out every hospital that offers cashless hospitalisation benefits that is a part of the health insurance network in your area.

Benefits Before and After Hospitalisation

A lot of health insurance policies cover costs incurred while in the hospital. You must select a health insurance plan that includes coverage for both pre-and post-hospitalization costs, such as ambulance fees, diagnostic testing, medications, etc.

Waiting Period

If you are young, you must purchase a health insurance policy. The majority of policies feature a waiting period, which can be anywhere between 2 and 5 years, for pre-existing conditions. This may lessen your opportunity to file a claim during that time. Hence, after comparing your options, select a policy that has a short waiting period before you can use the benefits in the event of an urgent medical need.

No-Claim Bonus

A “no-claim bonus” is money that you receive when you don’t file any claims during that period. It is possible to add the amount to your sum insured at the time of policy renewal. Make sure you clarify this before finalizing your policy.

Co-payment Clause

Many individuals find this phrase unclear and frequently overlook it when making purchases. It is the portion of the total you must pay at the time of a claim; the insurer will cover the remaining sum. Check your Mediclaim policy to see if there is a co-payment clause that might affect your claim. Consider buying a plan with no sub-limits if at all possible.

Maternity Coverage

People often ignore this point, but maternity benefits are an imperative aspect of health insurance. Having said that, maternity expenses are already skyrocketing. It’s wise to buy a health insurance policy that also covers maternity coverage. Be sure to check its restrictions as well.


You must already be aware of why having health insurance is essential, and you are now aware of the requirements before purchasing insurance coverage. Please read all the policy documents as your agent may be unable to explain everything in detail. Provide the insurance company with all the necessary information regarding your illnesses and existing conditions, as well as clarify any doubts you may have.