Common Causes of Miscarriage

Loss of pregnancy or miscarriage has always been a matter of great concern, not only to pregnant women themselves but also to their husbands and other members of the families. When the pregnancy is lost before the twentieth week, it is called a miscarriage. If you are a pregnant woman, you may not have any control over your miscarriage.

Abnormalities in Chromosomes as Common Causes of Miscarriage

Abnormalities in chromosomes are some common causes of miscarriage. In this case, miscarriage may happen within the first twelve weeks. Chromosomes help babies in wombs to build up their unique characteristics like the color of eyes and hair. If the number of chromosomes is wrong or if any one of the chromosomes is damaged, the natural growth of a baby in the womb of his or her mother is hindered.

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Medical Conditions in the Pregnant Mothers as Common Causes of Miscarriage

Some medical conditions in pregnant mothers are also recognized as the common causes of miscarriage. They are an infection like cytomegalovirus or rubella, negligently controlled long-term illness like diabetes or/and high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders like thyroid diseases and lupus, problems with uterus or cervix like fibroid, STD infections like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, or HIV, and blood clotting tissue.

Negative Lifestyle as Common Cause of Miscarriage

A negative lifestyle can bring about miscarriage. Among the common causes of miscarriage, lifestyle is a significant one. Women, who lead negative lifestyles, expose the lives of the babies in their wombs to an inevitable death through miscarriage. Smoking, drinking heavy alcohol, and using illegal drugs are three main bad habits of negative lifestyle and the presence of any one of them in the lifestyle of a pregnant mother is enough for being a common cause of miscarriage. Smoking by a pregnant mother is very dangerous to the child in her womb, but smoking by the father of that child is also dangerous enough to cause miscarriage.

Environmental Hazards as Common Causes of Miscarriage

Environmental hazards are yet among the common causes of miscarriage that are originated from particular substances where a pregnant woman lives or works. Hazards from around the environment as the common causes of miscarriage include second-hand smoke, lead in pipes or water, paint in houses older than three decades, mercury released from broken thermometers or fluorescent light bulbs, solvent like paint thinners, degreasers, and stains and varnish removers, pesticides for cleaning insecticides and rodents, arsenic found near waste sites, in some well or red marked tube-well water.

If the pregnant mother is coping with some or any of the above environmental hazards, she should immediately consult with her doctor, who will show her a way out as things are not as tough as they seem to be and so that she may avoid the common causes of miscarriage. Whether you are working as a surrogate mother and face these miscarriage issues you might visit the clinica de subrogación and submit documents to the surrogacy agency.

Medications and Food Poisoning as Common Causes of Miscarriage

Apart from the above written common causes of miscarriage, the other common causes of miscarriage may include medications and food poisoning. There are some over-the-counter medications like misoprostol, methotrexate, retinoids, and NSAIDs that are regarded as the common causes of miscarriage. The types of food poisonings like listeriosis, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis are common causes of miscarriage.

If you follow the guidelines of your doctor about your medication and dieting during your pregnancy, you can easily avoid these types of common causes of miscarriage. Though finding out the exact cause of a miscarriage is not always possible, educating yourself about the common causes of miscarriage will make you conscious about the issue that will eventually help you to enjoy a pregnancy for the entire period of time

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