Sharing Tips To Help You Find A Comfortable Sleeping Position In Pregnancy

By the time you get to know about your pregnancy, you will be both excited and a bit worried (maybe not the same for all). All of a sudden you start planning lots and lots of things with your partner for your baby. And you also wish and pray that may everything go well. 

But all this joy and excitement is ruined when insomnia hits you hard out of nowhere from the beginning of pregnancy. It’s one of the common problems every expecting woman faces. And we know proper rest and sleep are pretty much essential for you. That’s why we are going to shed some light on the myths and facts associated with different sleeping positions in pregnancy and how they affect you and your baby’s health.

According To Health Experts:

If we see from their perspective and the studies and research available regarding it, we come to know that the side sleeping position is so far the most recommended one for pregnant women. 

Several studies reveal that sleeping on your stomach and back can either be uncomfortable or unsafe respectively. However, sleeping on either side can actually offer some positive effects. A few of the studies also claim that back sleeping may cause stillbirth after a few weeks of pregnancy. However, here we see a conflict as the majority doesn’t seem to be on the same page. 

Different Sleeping Positions And The Probability Of Comfort

Normally, there are 3 sleeping positions; back, side, and stomach sleeping. Experts say that during the first trimester, women can sleep however they like or find comfortable. But as soon as they enter the second trimester and their bump is getting bigger, they will find it pretty difficult to snuggle in bed on their stomach. Even though if it’s their favorite position to sleep. Similarly, back sleeping is often prohibited for pregnant women due to various reasons (listed below). But side sleeping is the position almost every health care provider would suggest you continue with. 

Side Sleeping – Is It The Best Sleeping Position In Pregnancy?

As it is said earlier, sleeping on your side is called out as the most suitable position in pregnancy. The reasons are that side sleeping promotes optimal blood flow to the fetus and reduces the risk of compression of the major vein.

Many doctors say that the left side should be chosen to sleep but again you can sleep either on your left or right side as it doesn’t cause any major problem. 

In case, if it’s not your position to sleep and you’re not finding it comfortable yet have to we have a solution. You can get yourself a pregnancy pillow to help with it. We also have genuine Pregnancy Pillow Reviews on our website related to the best and useful pregnancy pillows for maximum gain. We assure to cater to all your concerns of finding a cozy and comfortable sleeping position in pregnancy. 

Why You Should Avoid Sleeping On Your Back?

Since there is no sufficient proof of drawbacks (stillbirth) of sleeping on your back but still it is advised to not lay down on your back. There are many other discomforts associated with back sleeping. You can fall asleep easily on your back until the end of the first trimester. But as your pregnancy goes along it won’t be comfortable. Because in this position, the entire weight of your bump is supposed to be on your back which results in back pain. Also, you will find yourself suffering from problems like dizziness, upset stomach, and digestive issues, hemorrhoids, heartburn, and sometimes breathing problems.

Back sleeping also causes poor blood circulation to the baby. 

However, you shouldn’t be worried if you awake laying on your back. To avoid any harm to your baby during sleeping or changing positions, you can get yourself a wedge pillow to place between your back and the mattress. Or you can either prefer to buy a full-body support pillow. And you are all done to have a good night’s sleep. 

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