The Causes of Bad Breath – How to Overcome it?

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a common condition in people and has affected more than 50% of the population. According to the dentist in Chandler, Halitosis has multiple causes, but the primary reasons are throat infections, bad oral hygiene, GERD, acid reflux, oral carcinomas, tongue coats, food impaction, periodontal diseases, and faulty teeth restorations. 

Moreover, oral health is the cumulative sum of what we eat, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a not-so-clean mouth. Sometimes, you can have bad breath even after you brush your teeth. We understand it is embarrassing to have bad breath, especially when around people. You can, however, prevent and treat bad breath by following these at-home steps and with the help of the dentists. 

How to Overcome Bad Breath?

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If you are wondering how to overcome bad breath, here is a list of ways that can help you prevent it.

1. Avoid Chewing

Gum and periodontal diseases that can attack roots and cause the teeth to fall. Moreover, people who are at a higher risk of developing gum problems, tooth decay, and face complications after tooth removal or oral surgery. 

Consecutively, people who chew are at the risk of developing plaque and buildups in the teeth, causing damage to the roots of the teeth, facing gum problems, and more. 

Moreover, Chewing do not merely result in wear down of the mouth, but also causes bad breath. Therefore, to get rid of bad breath, dentists suggest either reducing or stopping the consumption of these substances. 

2. Brush & Floss Every Day 

It is no secret that dentists advise brushing the teeth twice a day. Brushing twice a day cleans the easy-to-reach and visible area of the mouth. 

However, flossing is something that cleans the places between the teeth, which are hard to reach for a brush. Flossing removes the plaque and sticky food buildups from the teeth, which prevents odor forming bacteria and thus bad breath. You must floss your teeth once a day. But, according to the dentist in Chandler, one should not overdo things, as they can wear down teeth and cause decay. 

3. Avoid Breath Souring Foods & Eat Foods That Prevents Halitosis  

It is no secret that onion and garlic cause bad breath, but there are a few other foods that cause some gnarly bad breath. Foods including cheese, dairy products, protein, canned fish, peanut butter, pasta sauce, and more can cause bad breath. Dentists, however, do not recommend that you stop eating them completely, but they suggest avoiding them or eating them when you do not have to see a friend or go to work.

Besides, to keep the mouth fresh, eat the food that fights halitosis, including apples, carrots, pear, celery, melons, cherries, and more that help in saliva formation to clean the odor-producing bacteria in your mouth. 

4. Clean Your Tongue 

Do not let the coating on the tongue host the bacteria. Clean, and scrape your tongue. Either clean your tongue with the toothbrush or get the tongue cleaner to clean your tongue gently and remove the coating. 

The dentist in Chandler says, scraping the tongue with a scraper designed to reach the back of the tongue removes debris, dead cells, and bacteria. 

5. Rinse Your Mouth Often & Avoid Dry Mouth 

Taking advantage of the food debris stuck or coated on gums, teeth, and tongue, bacteria in the mouth grows. To avoid the food staying in the mouth, dentists suggest you must rinse your mouth after your meals. After eating, swishing, and spitting out the water in the mouth removes food from the mouth and keeps it fresh. 

Besides, a dry mouth where you do not make much saliva is also an environment for the bacteria to grow. So, make sure to drink more water or eat sugar-free gums. 

6. Visit Your Dentist Often 

If your bad breath continues to stay even after trying all the best ways to stop bad breath, book an appointment with your dentist. An individual cannot identify and rectify all the causes of bad breath. There are a few situations where professional consultation is necessary. 

In all cases, dentists can cure the source of bad breath. 

Wrapping Up

Bad breath is a common problem people face. Our eating habits, types of food that we take, and other mouth conditions make the bacteria sit inside the oral environment and produce odor-causing bacteria. We have outlined the most effective ways to stop the growth of bacteria and maintain your oral hygiene naturally. 

However, while we have penned down the best remedies to treat bad breath, many conditions need medical attention. So, consult your dentist in Chandler to get the best treatment. 

Concerned about the bad breath and poor dental health? Contact us and schedule your appointment today to get the best dental care from our expert dentists.