People of Canada and Italy have always been on loggerheads when it comes to discussing which country has the best pizza dishes and who stands superior in this competition of being the best pizza in the world. While the Canadian pizza toppings are full of tasty surprises, the Italian Pizza toppings have a certain texture which makes them a memorable treat. There have been many instances wherein this debate was tied up, but today we are going to put an end to this. Canadian pizza or Italian Pizza, you will know which is the best for you and which one you must order when you want to fill your tummy with some tasty yet healthy food. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into it and see what makes the Great Canadian Pizza great and what makes the Great Italian pizza great.


If the base is not strong enough then the whole structure would collapse, you must have heard this from a lot of people and this also holds true when it comes to a pizza. It does not matter whether the pizza is Canadian, Italian, American or French, it should have a base which can carry the weight of all the other ingredients as efficiently as possible. The base of Canadian pizza is usually made of all purpose flour which is kneaded finely to an extent that it could be shaped the way we want to shape it. The shaped base is then used as the housing layer for the other ingredients which are used to make a Canadian pizza.


Usually, the base of Italian pizza is made of wheat flour and it is so because the wheat flour is easier to handle while preparing the pizza. But compared to the raw material used as a base in Canadian pizza, the base of Italian pizza is not much of a competition.


If there is anything that truly makes the two pizzas stand out from each other, it is the toppings which are used on them so that people could enjoy the pizza at its best. The toppings used in a Canadian pizza are usually picked from the things which are easily available there. Canadian pizza toppings managed to give the pizzas a distinguished look and taste which is remembered by everyone who has had the opportunity to eat a Canadian pizza. Let’s take a quick look at the toppings of Canadian pizza.

  • Mozzarella Cheese : The cheese that stretches like rubber when you eat a slice of the pizza is made of the best raw materials and is full of nutrients.
  • Bacon : A highly nutritious and essential component that separates the Canadian pizza from the other types of pizzas in the world is Bacon.
  • Pepperoni : Yet another important topping which is highly popular in not just Canada, but all over the world. People often order a pizza with pepperoni toppings for a good time.
  • Mushrooms : Words like healthy, succulent and tasty can be used to define this topping, which is famous across the world just like pepperoni is.


Toppings such as onions, meat, olives, mushrooms and anchovies are used to decorate the Italian pizza base and these toppings are responsible for giving them the world famous taste which is loved by many.


Many cooking experts believe that Italian pizza is easier to prepare, but the same holds true for Canadian pizza as well. It depends completely on the person cooking them, however, if we compare the time and ingredients used in making the two pizzas then Canadian pizza wins this round as well.


It is apparent that Canadian pizza has a few advantages over Italian pizza in terms of base and toppings because Canadian pizza is simpler, tastier and easier to prepare. Also, it is healthier than Italian pizza because of its nutritional values.

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