4 ways to Immigrate in Canada as a Healthcare Worker

Working as a healthcare worker in Canada can be a privilege. This is because the need for them will grow in the coming years. Mainly it is because of the shortage of them in the local hospitals. Nobody wants patients to be unattended just because of the ongoing retirements.

No country will grow in economy if they have a weak healthcare system. This is why Canada is looking towards strengthening this aspect. Canada demands most doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses, and therapists.

Do you want to know how to get job in Canada from India as a healthcare provider? The first step is to get registered with the appropriate licensing body. Because you need to practice as per the standards of Canadian health regulations.

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Why are Healthcare workers invited to Canada?

You need a special set of skills to work as a healthcare professional. This is licensing exams are there for specific professionals of Medicare. Especially for nurses or doctors, you have to be registered.

In the present health scene, you need to be updated on tech. Be digitally intelligent as it is a rising need in this field to operate on complex systems. Be it diagnosing or detecting something fatal, you need to be aware.

Under the Express entry alone, around 7,600 healthcare professionals were invited. That is how much Canada needs their services. This sector is among the most targeted sectors in any draw, be it a general or a provincial one.

This has been especially true since the advent of category-based draws. Many of them are invited to apply for permanent residency which is job specific. Also, PNPs have been another alternative way to get nominated for a PR visa depending on their profession.

Jobs for nurses, dentists, orthodontists, occupational therapists, and surgeons are present on almost every skilled occupation list of provinces. Ontario is one of those provinces with the highest number of healthcare job openings.

Also, the life expectancy in Canada is some of the highest in the world. This is because of the lifestyle and the clean air the people breathe. What this has given is a rise in the aging population. To tackle them, the Canadian government wants more healthcare workers to fill the gap.

Top 4 Routes for healthcare workers to work in Canada

These top ways will tell you about your chances of getting a job and immigrating as a healthcare worker. Just keep in mind that you get your basics such as the IELTS requirement for Canada work permit clear:

1. Category-based express entry draws – These are specific draws that are conducted just for healthcare workers. This was launched in the first place, to help the federal government target medical workers with the latest work experience and skill abilities to come to Canada and work as permanent residents. 

Out of the five categories which are occupation bases, one of them belongs solely to healthcare. When you know how to get job in Canada from India, the rest is taken care of by these draws. All you need to do is wait for your invitation.

2. Standardized Express Entry Draw – The general express entry draw, which is a standard one. You are eligible for immigration through either a Federal skilled worker program, skilled trades, or Canadian experience class.

Applicants who will be chosen as healthcare workers will be done so based on the CRS score and will be ranked against other applicants on the Comprehensive ranking system. If you qualify for eligibility by getting a minimum score of 67, you can apply as a healthcare worker.

3. Provincial Nominee Programs for Healthcare professionals

Applicants are chosen by provincial nomination programs based on their skills and whether they can fill the labor gap. In the case of healthcare workers, some PNPs cater to them and nominate them for coming and settling in the province.

Some of them are:

1. Human Capital Priorities Stream under Ontario province

2. Skills Immigration and Express Entry streams of British Columbia province have their category, especially for healthcare workers.

3. International Health Worker EOI pool by Saskatchewan province

4. Labour Market Priorities Stream of Nova Scotia

5. Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) program from New Brunswick

Reasons why Healthcare workers choose Canada

You can even apply for a work permit in case you want to come here for a temporary time. And, if Canada makes you comfortable you can even convert to a PR status. Best of the nursing programs, courses, and health training institutes for skilled healthcare.

Some of them are the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the University of British Columbia. A lot of medical research and development is also a reason behind many immigrants choosing Canada as their destination.


Wish to move to Canada as a healthcare professional? If yes then Canada needs you, and wishes you come to their nation. After all, medical care is going to be in huge demand in the future owing to the aging population. For more queries on how to migrate to Canada as a healthcare professional and what is the process, connect with Nationwide visas as they are the Canada immigration consultants in Mumbai.