Buy the Lymphedema Compression pump for legs

Lymphedema is swelling of the lower limbs due to the failure of the lymphatic system. This condition can be seen in those patients who are suffering from obesity or experienced too many surgical and radiation treatments.

There is no permanent solution for this disease but radiologists, orthopedics and physicians recommended patients buy lymphedema pump or compression pump for their legs.

Let’s discuss these lymphedema pumps for legs that are essential for lymphedema patient’s health and lower limbs.

What is the Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs?

The lymphedema compression pumps for legs have various key functions and one of them is to push lymphatic fluid in specific regions to increase immunity and avoid lymphatic fluid accumulation in the lower limbs of the body.

The massaging action these pneumatic compression devices perform slightly resembles the natural blood flowing and lymphatic fluid system of our body. This periodic pressure exerting behavior helps to remove waste that was stuck at specific deep lymphatic tissue and enhances blood flowing procedure. 

lymphedema pump

These lymphedema pump or compression pump are made with air-vacuum chambers that exert pressure on the leg muscles in a relaxed and efficient way. The result is that the user experiences less pain and decreases inflammation.

Types of lymphedema compression pumps for legs

The compression therapy for legs is coming in various shapes and sizes which suits the patient’s requirements. There are sleeves made with air valves, socks, stockings, and classic pumping machines. There are abundant types of compression pumps for legs which were made by several international companies.

All of them have different settings and functions but some mechanics are important to check before buying the perfect lymphedema pump or compression pump for legs.

Lymphedema Pump Features to Check Before Buying.

High Pressure

The old-style lymphedema devices had poor functions and caused many lower limb injuries due to unbalanced pressure applied to old age people. Now with advanced technology, there are specific pressure ranges to be used according to your desire in lymphedema pump or compression pump.

The general range is 50-120 mmHg for best pumping devices and within this range, the muscle tendency of the lower limbs stays normal. Some doctors suggest a 40-80 mmHg pressure range which is ideal to remove cellular waste without affecting lymphatic functions.

So, the pressure range must be the priority before buying a good lymphedema compression pumps for legs.

 Pain Reduction

The first reason to purchase a compression pump for legs is the elimination of pain and soreness in lower limbs.

After using these medical devices for a long duration and still no possible result then it means your device has faulty functions or the settings are not on default level. In that case, you should allow nurses to assist you or ask the company who sent you the failed product.

Flexible Programs

The lymphedema pump mostly focuses on one specific portion of your lower limbs. The size and volume matter a lot while using them.

To discover the best medical device, you need to check whether the pump sleeves provide full flexible purpose for legs or just designed for half leg treatment. The best compression pump will be providing dual functionality to enhance the lymphatic system.

If a half leg system is available then it may not resolve major requirements for which you bought the lymphedema pump or compression pump because thigh muscles also needed to be flexed to avoid lymphedema.

Half Leg System Functions:

In this program, this pump only directs lymphatic fluid from the calf to the ankle and the foot. The repetition of this cycle occurs for a maximum of 30 min.

Full Leg System Functions:

This program covers the complete lower limbs’ lymphatic system of the user within an hour. In this procedure thigh, calf, ankle, and foot are experienced rhythmic pressure from the Lymphedema pumps or compression pumps.

The lymphatic fluid passes through all limb portions in one continuous cycle and gives quick results with no requirement for extra use in one day.

Medically Approved

There is some lymphedema compression pumps for legs which are not clinically approved and still available in the market with no specific registration with any medical departments.

That is the most important thing to observe before buying these medical products. The official stamp and FAA-approved battery must be present in the box with all required accessories.

These devices are for only medical purpose and their functionality should be to provide the best functions without any trouble for the users.

Buy MEDSHOOLA lymphedema compression pumps for legs

The next-generation lymphedema pump for legs is here in the U.S.  The lymphedema pump is the only finest product Medshoola brand deals with in the U.S and for international customers.

Medshoola lymphedema compression pumps for legs has some incredible features such as:

  • 10hours battery life.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Led display with custom settings.
  • Medically approved
  • Easy to use.
  • Advance design with smooth functions.
  • The soft fabric of the best quality.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Rich functions and programmable.

Medshoola lymphedema compression pumps for legs consists of four major products,

Compression socks, stockings, sportswear high stockings, and pumps. These products are available in brown, black and white color with prices of $39.99, $54.99, and $399.99

Visit to avail best lymphedema compression pumps at affordable prices and save your loved ones from this fatal disease.

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