Do You Burn More Calories During Your Period?

During or periods, your hormone levels reach their lowest point. Progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest levels, meaning your pain tolerance and recovery rate during workout is faster. This makes a set of reps or a post work run much easier to handle, but it doesn’t important mean you’ll do the extra work or burn extra calories. However, a calorie calculator will determine how many calories you need per day to gain or lose your weight.

In short, the answer is “does menstruation burn calories?” it’s depends. Everybody’s resting metabolic rate varies. Your RMR refers to the amount of calories your body burns in rest state, without any physical activity.

If your RMR increases significantly during the menstrual cycle, you’ll automatically burn additional calories. Some studies showed that resting metabolic rate varies widely among women over the course of their monthly cycles. Some researchers suggest that you might burn slightly more calories during your luteal phase. This phase begins after ovulation and ends with the onset of menstruation. An online ovulation calculator helps you to determine your ovulation cycle and luteal phase.

Why do you feel hungrier during the menstrual cycle?

The reason for this increase in hunger is simple. Your body uses more energy during the time before and in some cases during the period. This increase in calories makes a body burn more calories during the time, and as the calories as burning you are going to feel hungrier more often.

Your periods affect every area of your lives, including your metabolism. But you can predict your luteal phase and menstrual cycle with ovulation predictor calendars and a weight gain calorie calculator tells how many calories required per day for your body to maintain your weight according to your activity level.  It turns out your bodies require 100 to 300 more calories during your luteal phase.

More calories needed during the period:

Since your RMR increases only slightly while you’re on your period, don’t plan on burning any extra calories without trying. As nice as, it would be to say that you do burn more calories during your menstrual cycle, there’s not any research to prove it. However, if you want to know how many calories you need to intake to lose your weight.

Moreover, if you happen to have a higher resting metabolic rate and feel particularly hungry, you’ll be tempted to enhance your caloric intake while on your period cycle.

How to handle feelings of hunger during periods:

What’s the best way to reduce hunger pangs without aggravating and overindulging your symptoms? By using zig zag diet calculator, there are countless satisfying and healthy options to meet your needs. Try these flavorful foods:

·         Dark chocolate with a melted or handful of nuts on top of a banana

·         Apples topped with chopped nuts and caramel sauce

·         Yogurt topped with fresh fruit, honey, drizzle of almond butter, and nuts

As well as, increased water intake will make you feel fuller longer and stave off dehydration. However, handy calorie calculators provide a zig zag diet chart for a week to lose or maintain your weight.

Wrap UP:

Like many people, you may have wondered if you burn more calories on your period. The truth is that burning extra calories while menstruating is a myth for most people. 

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