How to Embrace the Building Blocks of a Healthier Life

The path to a healthier and happier life begins with a decision that something has to change. It can be because your quality of life has decreased due to your habits. It can be a sudden decision or one you’ve postponed for a while. Maybe you’re seeing your friends thrive and look better than ever just because they work out. All in all, you need that initial spark. Once it happens, it’s time to turn that spark into a driving force. So, let’s see what are the building blocks of a healthier life. 

Change your mindset

When you want to change, you need to start with your mindset. With the right mindset, you’ll resist the urge to skip that workout or to have another drink, even when your limit is two drinks a week. Also, whenever you feel like quitting, you can rely on yourself and your goals to stick to your plan.

Eat well and eat right

A balanced diet is the key to a healthier life. Ideally, you should strive for the 80/20 principle. This means that you’ll usually stick to a healthy diet while you still have room to indulge. But this only works if you have a healthy body mass index. Otherwise, you need to fix your diet and stick to a calorie plan until you reach the desired weight. 

Keep up the hydration

Another issue for many people is their daily water intake. Simply put, people don’t drink enough water, or even worse, they only drink soda. So, the next building block on your path to a healthier life is enough water daily. Drink two to three litres a day, and avoid sugary drinks. 

Book that doctor’s appointment

People rarely go to doctors just to check their health and to do their blood work. Just a regular blood analysis can reveal a lot about your health. Let’s say you’ve been having some knee problems, and the doctor advised further analysis, such as a scan or an MRA. But, for some reason, you haven’t done it yet. If you need to find a practice near you, like Xray and Medical imaging in Sydney or any other country, do it ASAP. Those who embrace a healthy lifestyle put their health first. So, go ahead and book a doctor’s appointment before the problem gets worse. 

Move your body

When we say that you should move your body, we don’t just mean exercising regularly. If you want to hack your health and change your lifestyle, move daily and work out regularly. A sedentary lifestyle harms our health, and movement is the countermeasure. Walk at least ten thousand steps a day. It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t if you add movement throughout your day. 

Not to mention that every kind of movement counts. Dancing, walking your dog, using stairs whenever possible, and cycling all count in the long run. Adding three to four moderate workouts a week will surely feel better and have more energy.

Don’t compromise on sleep

The hustle culture and the state of being constantly busy put sleep low on our list of needs. However, that is the definition of an unhealthy life filled with stress. We need sleep to recharge and rejuvenate. So, if you’ve compromised on sleep lately, change that. Aim for at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep so you’ll take care of your overall well-being.

Stress management

Stress management is a necessity in the world we live in. It all boils down to this: all of us get stressed. However, the difference between stressed-out and relaxed people is how they deal with stress. If you belong to the first group, it’s time to adopt stress-relief techniques. It can be meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or simply exercising. It can also be a hobby that gives you space to shut down your mind. Set boundaries to protect your time and energy, and prioritise self-care activities that help you relax and recharge.

Break up with your phone

Do you know your average screen time? If not, it may shock you. Yes, it has never been easier to stay in touch. But it takes a toll on our mental health. Try to block time in your day without your phone or social media. Instead, spend time with people outside or doing an activity you love. 

Heal your nervous system

Are you easily triggered? Do you have the same problems in life, like relationships or at work? If the answer is yes to both questions, it’s a sign that you need to heal your nervous system. A healthy lifestyle also means taking care of your mental health so you won’t get triggered easily. Even if you feel like you can solve problems on your own, having a different perspective can help. There are many different kinds of psychotherapy out there, you just need to find one that works. After just a few sessions, you’ll be more resilient and ready to tackle life’s challenges. 

Travel more

At first glance, this building block may seem misplaced. However, it isn’t because one of the reasons people let go of their health is their routine. Our days are repetitive, and life happens in cycles. But, a healthy lifestyle is one when we break out of our routines. Travelling can give you a new sense of excitement for life and the joy of living so whenever you can, travel, even if it’s just a nearby city. 

Cut toxic relationships

If you feel like your health has taken a toll, you need to assess your surroundings. If there are people who drain you of your energy and make you feel like you’re not good enough, it’s time to cut ties. Toxic and unhealthy relationships can disrupt our nervous system and be the cause of different health issues. Do a friendship audit list, and write down how you feel after each interaction. The list will tell you who is not healthy for your new, healthier lifestyle. 

In conclusion, the key to all we’ve mentioned lies in consistency. Maintaining a lifestyle takes consistency and the willingness to say no. Keep your spirit up and rely on discipline when motivation fails you.