Breastfeeding Wardrobe Hacks for New Moms

breastfeeding clothes

Preparing a new wardrobe during pregnancy is common since we all know that the body changes a lot throughout the pregnancy and needs a whole different wardrobe to suit the new figure and baby bump. However, no one is aware of the wardrobe difficulties breastfeeding brings unless you’ve already experienced or saw it first-hand. 

Make your breastfeeding journey as a new mom more seamless and smoother, without breaking the bank as well with these simple breastfeeding wardrobe hacks. 

Buy a Few Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are a lot comfortable and convenient when you’re breastfeeding. Clip down nursing bras are the most convenient since you only need to unclip the upper part of the bra and your little one could already have easy access during feeding time. It makes breastfeeding a lot easier when you have this basic clothing piece.

Deep V Necks Works Wonders

You could actually nurse your baby even when you’re out and bringing your little one in a sling or baby wrap. All you need is a deep V neck top with a clip down nursing bra inside and you’ll be amazed how you can do it in a breeze. Overlap and crossover clothes like wrap dresses are also convenient as breastfeeding clothes, giving easy access for your baby without having to take the whole thing off.  

Invest in a Nursing Cover

A nursing cover helps a lot when you’re breastfeeding in public spaces. It gives privacy and modestly that you need while still being able to take care of your little one everywhere you go. An infinity scarf is the most convenient style since it provides all the covering that you need, both your back and front sides. You could still take a peek at your little one while feeding without exposing anything else. After nursing, it still looks good as an accessory for your outfit. 

Double Tank Top Style

You’ll be surprised on how wearing double tops could actually make breastfeeding a lot easier. To do the double tank top trick, wear a tight-fitting tank top underneath a loose one. It would help a lot if the inner top has clip down sides or has a deep neckline. During feeding time, simply lift up the looser outer layer, clip down the inner top and you could feed your baby without exposing any parts at all. Everything is covered – from the back to front. 

Try Out Button-Down Tops

If you want to wear something fancier than a regular loose top, try out button-down tops. It looks more classy compared to regular tops but still makes it easier to breastfeed your baby without taking the whole top off. All you need is to undo a few buttons during feeding time so your baby can access what’s needed. 

Consider those features if you’re starting to build your nursing wardrobe to avoid investing in items that aren’t really necessary and helpful when breastfeeding. With more experience, using those items mentioned above would be a lot easier than you think. 

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