Breast Cancer Treatment: What You Needed to Know in 2021

A lot has been written about breast cancer, the origin and symptoms of the disease: both in glossy magazines and in serious medical publications. And breast cancer treatment is well covered. But any information tends to become outdated as it progresses. All the more so on such an important global topic as breast cancer. It is necessary to fill this “gap”.

About what opportunities modern medicine has to make breast cancer treatment more effective and less traumatic (both from a physiological and psychological point of view). And which of the described opportunities are already offered today by the MIBS Oncology Clinic for residents of and other countries is our material.

Is it possible to treat breast cancer without surgery?

Judging by the questions of patients who apply with inquiries about the possibility of treating breast cancer treatment at the RSM (Razia Sultana Memorial) oncology Clinic. Many of them are frightened by the need for surgical removal of the tumor. We are compelled to inform you that despite the development of radiation treatments for cancer without surgery (most of which are available in our oncological clinic). 

But there is progress in this way as fine.

First, breast cancer surgery today is only part of a combined approach. Responding to the patient community global oncology needs has identified the most effective form of cancer care.

Our own morphological laboratory (Center for Morphological Diagnostics of MIBS) is an opportunity not only to undergo an immunohistochemical examination of tumor samples. but also:

  • Get an accurate answer about the malignancy/benignity of a breast tumor (and thus get a chance to avoid treatment in case of an error in the initial diagnosis carried out in another medical institution);
  • To verify the tumor, having precisely determined its type, which will optimize the treatment tactics.

Breast cancer surgery – what’s new?

Alas, so far, immunotherapy and targeted treatment are suitable for a few out of thousands of patients diagnosed with breast cancer treatment . Therefore, modern world protocols for the provision of oncological care (according to which breast cancer treatment is also carried out in the RSM Oncological Clinic). Provide surgical intervention to remove the primary tumor and part of the lymph nodes. Malignant cells are likely to have spread.

However, the surgical treatment of breast cancer in RSM is far from the associations that emerge in the subconscious when we hear the term “surgery”. Suppose breast cancer is detected at an early stage. 

A combined treatment for breast cancer: the stage of chemotherapy and “radiation” (radiation treatment)

After the surgical removal of breast cancer, there are no less important stages. You have probably heard about high-precision radiation therapy. The specialists and equipment of the RSM Oncology Clinic are among the best in Pakistan. And over the years, our positions have only been strengthened due to the advanced training of radiation therapists. Medical physicists and the modernization of hardware and software.

Our chemotherapy department does everything to achieve the maximum effect in the fight against breast cancer (tumor growth arrest or degradation) and minimize chemotherapy’s side effects.

RSM patients receive breast cancer treatment that meets modern standards:

  • Safe and accurate preparation (dilution) of chemotherapy drugs is carried out following the safety protocol, which eliminates errors in dosage and prescriptions;
  • Exact dosage of administration – each patient is provided with an infusion pump, a special electronic device through which the prepared chemotherapy drug is injected at an optimal speed;
  • The comfort of administration – through a special “port” installed during a simple surgical intervention in the surgery department of the RSM Oncology Clinic. The injected chemotherapy drug enters directly into the main blood vessels, which protects peripheral veins from permanent injury during long courses of treatment.

Treatment for metastatic breast cancer

Unfortunately, focusing on the treatment of primary breast cancer, patients and even their physicians do not pay due attention to the possible onset of the spread of metastases from the breast to other organs. Metastatic breast cancer will require a correction of the chosen treatment strategy or a complete change of it.

Treatment of single metastases in the RSM Oncology Clinic can be performed both surgically and radiosurgery. Multiple metastases of breast cancer will require modification of the chemotherapy regimen, etc. But the first step towards the treatment of metastases is their early detection – in the case of late detection, it is the metastases of breast cancer that often cause death.

Regular monitoring

The most desirable treatment effect has been achieved – breast cancer has been defeated. But the treatment does not end there. The task of doctors and a psychologist is to justify and organize the passage.

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