A Perfectly Shaped Nose Can Dramatically Boost Confidence And Accentuate Facial Symmetry!

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is a popular procedure designed to alter and reconstruct the nose. It changes the nose shape, size, and position, giving it a sculpted, and attractive look. The two most commonly used techniques are open and closed rhinoplasty. The surgeon chooses the appropriate method depending on the goals, expectations, and health of the patient. More on this later.

As treatments ‘efficacy levels improve, nose jobs are becoming more popular than ever, and for a good reason. A well-shaped nose can improve breathing, confidence, and facial harmony. According to one survey, more than 20,000 nose jobs were performed in the UAE.

A successful rhinoplasty usually begins with an in-person consultation. This is certainly a time to discover details on the surgery and to ensure that it’s a perfect match for you.

You have done your initial research, and have decided that you want a well-sculpted nose and are sure that rhinoplasty is the best way to meet your beauty goals. But there is a lot more to take into consideration like:

Is rhinoplasty a major surgery? How much time takes to recover from the procedure? How much is it for rhinoplasty? We’ve got you covered.

The eight most important things you need to know about nose jobs:

Rhinoplasty is a major surgery

This major surgical procedure takes months to heal. The procedure includes an incision in the nose to allow access to its bone and cartilage.

Patients should expect their recovery to be complete in a year. In the initial weeks, expect to experience pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Your choice of the surgeon plays a major role

When it comes to the practitioner carrying out your nose job, you do have a choice. Prior to deciding, please do some research. Consider surgeon’s reputation, the before and after pictures, and rates. Simply put, you need to choose a surgeon/clinic with experience for exceptional results. It is also important that you ask the following questions in the initial appointment

  • How will my rhinoplasty be done?
  • How many surgeries have you performed?
  • What’s likely to experience after the surgery?
  • How long will the results take to show up?

The new nose will fit your face

The professional will help you decide the best procedure for your face type. While it is great to have ideal results in mind, understand that your nose rhinoplasty will be tailored for your needs. Generally speaking, the goal of rhinoplasty is more than just reshaping the nose, it should enhance the overall face.

Rhinoplasty is not just a cosmetic procedures

Although rhinoplasty can considerably improve the appearance, a nose job may be done for reconstructive purposes as well. The surgery can fix a deviated septum, cleft palate, and cleft lip. During the operation, the surgeon will adjust or remove the underlying cartilage to improve breathing and provide other medical benefits.

Recovery is essential

Following surgery, your nose will need time to heal. To be precise, it’s normal to experience moderate pain, and discomfort in the initial weeks. Plus, you’ll need to limit your strenuous activities for some time. Generally speaking, fuller recovery takes up to a year.

For your information, your carelessness can fail your rhinoplasty! You’ll lose your nose’s contoured appearance and will need an additional procedure to get the desired results — means more money, time, and effort.

Results of rhinoplasty will last for a very long time

A successful rhinoplasty can bring pleasure for years to come. And it can be considered a downside as well. If you are unhappy with the outcomes, it can cost you self-esteem, discomfort, and a lot of money in revision surgery.

How much does it cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty starts from $3,000 depending upon the patient’s condition and demands. As the procedure becomes complex the price also gets high.

It is also important for the patients to be aware of the factors which can affect the cost of this surgery. Have a look at some important ones:

  • Age
  • Demands
  • Additional expenses
  • Expertise of the surgeon
  • Reputation of the clinic
  • Tests. E.g. Lab tests, blood tests, or X-rays

How to become fit for rhinoplasty surgery?

Before undergoing the nose job, candidates should make sure that have a complete understanding of the whole procedure and they’re physically and mentally fit. However, unhealthy individuals need to discuss their medical conditions with the doctor in detail so they can help you decide if this is a perfect match for you or not.

Like every cosmetic surgery, a nose job also involves some preparation instructions to be followed. This is needed to eradicate the post-treatment risks and complications. There are also some activities instructions, focusing on what activities to perform in the initial days, as well as months after. Many doctors suggest avoiding performing strenuous activities until the nose fully heals.

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