Best EMR for Pediatrics Practices in 2021

What Does Pediatric EMR do?

In any clinical setting, EMR software is the hidden key that lets practices manage the day-to-day workload without stressing out the doctors or administrative staff. Using tools that help with clinical work, the software also streamlines the entire process and makes it efficient. The best EMR for pediatrics is software that will allow the clinic to work efficiently, integrate with other systems, and work well in that practice’s specific context.

Pediatric EMR Features To Look Out For

While you are on the lookout for EMR tools that can enhance your practice, there are some features you should keep an eye out for when comparing software.

  1. Interactive Portal: allowing patients to use a user-friendly portal for communication can prove to be a massive asset to your practice.
  2. Customizable templates: because of the comprehensive nature of pediatric care, you should be on the lookout for templates that can handle detailed notes about your young patients.
  3. Lab integration: good EMR software will integrate lab results and tools to provide both patients and doctors with up-to-date and accurate information. 
  4. Integration Ability: for any software to work well with pediatric facilities’ requirements, especially in the digital age, it is essential to have the ability to integrate with other tools to create an all-in-one management system.

Best EMR for Pediatrics Practices


As a leader in EMR technology, athenahealth is the perfect tool, and its features make it so suitable to pediatric needs we are placing it at the top of this list. Not only is athenahealth HIPAA certified, but it will also make all your reporting and documenting needs seem like a piece of cake – not to mention, they have specific packages targeting patient engagement and coordination between departments and physicians.  

athenahealth works with small, medium, and extensive business structures that are compatible across most devices and work with local and cloud setups. Plus, the athena EMR system is explicitly designed to handle all medical billing requirements. 


The Cerner EMR system includes several modules that provide patient management solutions, ambulatory tools, and enterprise features. Each of these is specifically curated to work with specialized departments to work dynamically to fit the bill of your ideal EMR management system. An interesting perk of using Cerner EMR is that due to a partnership with other groups, the e-prescription tool is regularly updated with new prices to ensure there are no hiccups in communication when medicines are prescribed online. 

Cerner EMR reviews tell us the software is organized, comprehensive, and an ideal all-in-one solution that may need some time to pick up but offers high rewards once utilized to the best of what it can do. 


There is no question about it; AdvancedMD deserves to be mentioned in the best EMR for pediatrics, no questions asked. And, it is all because of the fantastic features it offers to practices that offer unmatched solutions. To drive up your business’s efficiency and mobile services, this software puts together a dashboard with all relevant information, lets each clinician know their necessary tasks, and keeps you updated with how efficiently the work is being done. 

The AdvancedMD mobile app is also pretty useful for physicians on the go – there’s no need to continue carrying heavy files and workload home when they can simply log in and connect to the point of care through their phone. 


DrChrono is an EMR solution that prides itself on its focus on creating services that are dynamic and mobile. It prioritizes on-the-go access to healthcare information and believes that improving the accessibility of clinicians to their customers’ data is crucial in the setup of a pediatric facility where work happens efficiently.

Additionally, the EMR system works with patient and revenue management to ensure a smooth running of eligibility checks, patient documentation, and your practice’s revenue cycle. The DrChrono pricing plan depends on your business but can range between $50 to $500 a month. 

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen, known initially as MediTouch, allows physicians to utilize the NextGen office to make hospitals, clinics, and independent practices efficient, giving them the tools to run their business smoothly, including voice-recognition note-taking, automatic eligibility checks for insurance, online prescription refill requests, and quick referral systems. 

Clinical documentation has never been this easy, and with all these tools at your disposal for your pediatric clinic, you can make sure all processes run smoother than ever before. 


As you explore the different kinds of tools available for your pediatric facility, remember to think about your practice’s various aspects that would point to specific software features. Remember, the best EMR for pediatrics for you is all about what you are looking for, the number of employees you have, and what tools are the biggest priority in your search.

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