Which is the best abortion clinic in Delhi?

Abortion, also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), is a medical treatment that terminates a pregnancy before the fetus reaches its reproductive stage. It is a vital component of reproductive healthcare that deals with complex medical and personal problems. 

Giving women the freedom to decide whether to terminate or maintain a pregnancy based on their circumstances is the significance of MTP. There are many different reasons for considering MTP, such as problems with pregnancy, economic factors, fetal abnormalities, threats to the mother, or individual choices. Female control over their reproductive destinies is recognized and appreciated by society through the introduction of safe and authorized abortion options.

We at Dr Ruchi Malhotra, one of the best abortion clinic in Delhi, prioritize your general and reproductive wellness from the very first start and contact throughout treatment, therapy, and releases. We also prioritize appropriate care, cost, efficacy, and openness. 

Best Abortion Clinic in Delhi 

We at Dr Ruchi Malhotra Abortion Centre provide personalized and focused patient abortion care and support. We strive to satisfy our patients by addressing their inquiries and considering their issues. Every service and advice we provide them has an individual approach by analyzing different conditions and outcomes. 

We provide all the necessary clinical services and supplies to offer you better care. We manage our clinical setup, add new equipment, and upgrade the current ones with the latest technology. Our medical staff, particularly our doctors and health care specialists, address your problems and care for you with an eye on long-term health insurance.

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Diagnosis and Safe Termination at Dr Ruchi Malhotra Abortion Centre Delhi 

We at Abortion Centre Delhi, a well-known medical abortion facility, believe MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) deserves to be treated with the most extraordinary delicacy and care. To determine a pregnancy up to 14 weeks, we suggest performing a home maternity kit, lab blood test, ultrasound, or clinical examination. The vacuum evacuation look that we use at the clinic for surgical abortions is safe and entirely legal. 

The Cost of Surgical Abortion in Delhi At Dr Ruchi Malhotra 

Costs related to an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy that can be safely terminated through surgery or medicine depend on several factors, including the gynecologist’s experience, the location, the length of the pregnancy, the patient’s age and health, the treatment plan chosen, the cost of general anesthesia, the type of hospital or clinic, and the duration of stay. 

We at the best abortion clinic in Delhi are always ready to assist you without risking your overall health.

Methods of Abortion at our Clinic 

Non-Surgical Abortion Methods 

A medical abortion is a technique that is often performed during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and involves the use of medication to end an early pregnancy. Two drugs are administered during the procedure: misoprostol and mifepristone. 

First, mifepristone is given, then Misoprostol is taken at home after a predetermined amount of time. These drugs work together to cause uterine contractions, which result in the pregnancy’s ejection. Our highly qualified doctors at Ruchi Malhotra Abortion Centre Delhi provide medical abortions and offer assistance at every stage of the procedure. 

Surgical abortion Methods 

The safe and efficient method of terminating a pregnancy that our medical specialists offer at Abortion Centre Delhi is surgical abortion. Surgical techniques are used in this treatment to eliminate the pregnancy from the uterus. Here below are the surgical termination procedures used by us to make the abortion successful- 

  • A- Vacuum aspiration: This method, often known as suction abortion, is a surgical method of terminating a pregnancy by using a mild suction technique. This method is frequently suggested for first-trimester pregnancies, those between 6 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • B- Dilation and Curettage: This method involves carefully removing the uterine lining to end the pregnancy and dilatation of the cervix while under anesthesia. Up to 16 weeks of gestation can use this option. It takes thirty to forty-five minutes and is quite effective.
  • C- Dilation and Evacuation: Similar to dilatation and curettage, this method is frequently carried out for pregnancies over 16 weeks. General anesthesia is given to the patient so that they are pain-free the entire time. A speculum is inserted into the vagina, the cervix is opened with dilators, the developing tissue is extracted with forceps, and suction is used to eliminate all leftover tissue.


Medical pregnancy termination is frequently carried out through gynecological processes. Compared to others, this procedure has consequences regarding the rules of law, morality, and ethics. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP Act) strictly governs medical terminations of pregnancies where 

Our doctors and healthcare professionals at Dr Ruchi Malhotra abortion Centre in Delhi, known to be one of the best abortion clinics in Delhi, offer a professional medical service and clean infrastructure, so women who are unplanned or unwanted parents should feel safe sharing their situations.