Benefits Of RO, UV, UF, and Carbon Sedimentations In Water Purifier

Many technologies have been adapted to ensure that the consumer’s requirements have been met most effectively when it comes to water purifiers.

However, the information of a variety of different technical procedures increases the efficiency of the application. It assures a safety net that will prevent one from being affected by any kind of waterborne disease. 

Generally, when we buy water purifiers, we are bombarded with big words, like Reverse Osmosis Technology, UltraViolet Technology, Ultrafiltration technology, Carbon Sedimentation process, and whatnot. 

While there are a few who know the significance hidden behind those “big words,” most consumers do not possess the knowledge even about the advantages of these installations. 

Without knowing what benefits you are reaping by purchasing a water purifier with all those hefty technologies, then what is the point, right? That is why in this article we will tell you the advantages of these installations.

Benefits Of RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier utilizes the semi-permeable membrane to clarify the water. The water generally passes through the RO membrane, which sieves out the dissolved solid like fluoride, lead, arsenic, and chlorine. These sediments like nitrate and sulfates are trapped into those permissible membranes, thus securing the water of toxic residual.

  • The RO water purifier is responsible for removing dissolved solids like fluoride, lead, arsenic, chlorine, and nitrate, and sulfate
  • It also holds the capacity to flush out residues of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and germs responsible for infecting people with waterborne diseases
  • The taste and odor of the water are improved with the help of the RO mechanism. It removes the contaminants that make the water taste hard and carry a bad odor; it becomes how it should be, neutral-tasting
  • The RO system is the main unit of a water purifier. You have to manually or bi-annually call the Aquaguard Service to alter it.

The Advantage Of UV Water Purifier

The UV water purifier is mainly utilized when the state has recorded a moderate to low TDS level or Total Dissolved Solids. If your water is being processed from lakes or rivers, you can rest assured that this particular technique will take care of the deadly chemicals and harmful microorganisms.

  • This filtration process is deficient maintenance compared to the RO one. It is durable and stealthy
  • It makes the procedure of filtration faster. You may get more than four liters of water in a matter of hours
  • The UV bulb is used in the water purifier. The water passes through the tank, where the activation of the UV light kills the residues of microorganisms that bear the stealth to affect people with waterborne diseases
  • You can clean the tank yourself. You do not need any specialized help when it comes to this
  • The UV light does not get rid of the essential minerals from the water.

Benefits Of UF Filtration Water Purifier 

Ideally suited to be installed where water does not bear chemically induced harmful elements in the water. It is suitable for removing microorganisms like germs, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. However, one had to remember that this filtration isn’t effective in nullifying the effects of hard water because it is incapable of removing dissolved salt.

  • You don’t have to worry about water pressure when it comes to this variation of water purifier
  • No electricity is needed to distill the water
  • By only pouring the raw water into the upper storage tank, you will get purified water in the lower tank within minutes
  • It does not use any chemicals to clean the water. That is why it is not applicable for hard water
  • UF utilizes hollow membranes to create impediments. It stops the viruses, germs, and other microorganisms from passing through
  • The residues of the microorganism will not be found in the water.

Benefits Of Carbon Filter Water Purifier 

The activated carbon in this variation of water purifier uses the “Adsorption” property to refine the water. During this procedure, the chemicals and metal found in the water stick to the surface of activated carbon. 

So when the water is passing through the carbonated surface, the chemicals like chlorine, sulfate, and pesticides get stuck to the surface, thus, refining the water thoroughly. 

  • It is effective at removing harmful chemicals and toxic pesticides like chlorine from the water
  • The heavy metal particles are removed
  • The activated carbon improves the functionality of the RO system as it blocks the particles that pose harm to the RO unit 

Apart from all of those techniques based on which the water purifiers are developed, another technique commonly found in the sedimentation process is that the membrane of that unit removes small particles of dirt. 

Nonetheless, now that you know the advantages and significance of these “big names,” you will be able to make the right choice. Not only that but to ensure that all these variations of water purifiers are working properly, ensure to call Aquaguard Customer Care to book a servicing session. 

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