Amazing Benefits Of Gum Recontouring

Advancements in dental technology have made seemingly intensive dental procedures much less intensive and discomforting. One of these intensive dental procedures is Gum Recontouring treatment in Dubai. This treatment has now become very simple and far less time consuming than before. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed about your gummy smile nor you have to worry about the painful treatments that were one the only option.

On top of the aesthetic benefits of improving your gummy smile, the gum recontouring treatment also has many health benefits. Read on to know everything about this amazing dental procedure along with how and why it’s best for you. 

What Is Gum Contouring Treatment?

This procedure uses specialized tools or a laser to perform ablation, which removes excess gum tissue growing over the teeth.

Today, laser-based procedures have been gaining more momentum, as the technology helps seal the tissue to reduce bleeding, creates a more precise shape and better targets hollowed areas or pockets where bacteria can congregate.

For health reasons, gum contouring slows the progression of tooth decay. For patients with periodontal disease, removing the excess tissue can limit its recurrence.

Reasons to GO for Gum Recontouring Treatment

Gum recontouring treatment is the right dental procedure for you if you are suffering from any of the following dental problems:

  • Your gum line becomes visible when you smile
  • Your gums bleed when you eat or brush
  • If you have an uneven gum line
  • If you are suffering from gum recession
  • If your gums rise too high above your teeth 
  • If your teeth are less visible and your gums are more visible
  • If you have pain, redness, puffiness and inflammation in your gums

6 Amazing Benefits of Gum Recontouring Treatment 

1. Avoid Shorter Teeth and Gummy Smile

A gummy smile appears when your lip line is not perfect and your teeth are shorter in size. The lip line reveals your gums which doesn’t look good at all. Gum recontouring can ensure that your gums are not too much visible and your teeth do not appear shorter. 

2. Deals With the Risk of Cavities and Tooth Decay

While dealing with gummy smile and planning on gum recontouring, your dentist can also address other dental problems. Cavities and tooth decay problems are easily identified and can be resolved. 

Other than that, the plaque and infectious bacteria that are trapped under the extra gum tissue are also removed during this treatment. This lowers the risk of tooth decay and infection.

3. Help Avoid Gum Diseases

Almost 50% of adults who think their gums are healthy are wrong. Gum health is a major concern and can get you in trouble if left untreated for a long time. Some years ago root planning and scaling were the only two options but not anymore. 

Gum recontouring through laser treatment ensures that the laser reaches deep inside the gums to destroy infectious bacteria. This encourages a healthy gum line.

4. Permanent Perfect Gums

Gum recontouring treatment is permanent and not temporary. Once the excess gum tissues are permanently removed, they won’t grow back. 

The excess gum tissues are removed with such accuracy that there is no harm done to any part of your gums or mouth. 

5. The Non-Invasive Gum Treatment

While doing the gum treatment after removing excess tissues the gums need some treatment. Some years ago scalpels and sutures were the only options for gum treatment but not anymore.
Laser gum recontouring is a reliable option for gum treatment. Highly concentrated beams of laser light can easily sterilize the treated area while the gum tissues are removed. This removes the risk of infection, bleeding and swelling. 

The patient also enjoys the treatment and laser also ensure a faster recovery. 

6. Many Health-Related Benefits

Beyond the aesthetic aspects of the laser gum recontouring treatment, there are many other health benefits of this treatment. The food particles and tooth decay that were trapped and hidden are revealed after the excess gum tissues are removed. This ensures better health and prevention from tooth decay.

This treatment also reduces the risk of periodontal gum disease, gum bleeding, gum irritation and severe gingivitis.

The above-mentioned are the important factors why gum recontouring treatment is highly recommended by many dentists. However, it must be noted that gum recontouring needs to be done before crown placement or pocket reduction. 

This aesthetic treatment also prevents the risk of infection and ensures a healthier and beautiful gum line.

Some Other Benefits of Gum Recontouring Include

  • Very less bleeding and no risk of infection
  • No sutures or any old method that can harm the gums
  • Very quick recovery time
  • No downtime required 
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Very less treatment time required
  • Little to no pain before and after the procedure

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