Benefits Of Working With Eye Drops Pharma Franchise Business

  • Work from your city– our Company provides you a chance to work from your locations. Whereas, no hassle to travel long distances.
  • Monopoly rights– we’ve got an inclination to give you Monopoly rights. Wherever, one person is king inside the complete area. There’s no completely different business originating inside a constant area as per rules. Therefore, they’ll begin to line up outside your boundary area entirely.
  • Promotional gifts- Our company offers promotional gifts supporting monthly promotional schemes. Promotional gifts like Pens, M R Bags, calendar, T shirts, Key chains, catalogs, Notepads, etc..
  • High marginal merchandise– our Company provides high marginal products at nominal costs.
  • Low value investment- we provide business opportunities to small investors together. In alternative words, raising little capital inside the initial stage of business. Therefore, we’ve got an inclination to facilitate them to line up their business.
  • High rate of return- low initial gain in eye drops business pays out high rate of return. In alternative words,this is a profitable business and returns your amount with a high rate.
  • Less possibilities of loss– as a franchise partner, their unit of measurement less possibilities of loss inside this business.
  • High Quality merchandise- we’ve got an inclination to use top of the range products for manufacturing our medicines. However, we’ve got an inclination to use the World Health Organization approved merchandise for production functions.
  • Easy Delivery- we provide the ability of on time delivery of all the orders. Also, we’ve got our order connected facilitator that informs you regarding order from dispatch to delivery.

Target Places for PCD Pharma franchise in Chennai

Primary locations near chennai. The scope of these locations are higher to start a pharma franchise business.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Tamil NaduOphthalmic franchise company in Ranipet
PCD pharma franchise company in CoimbatoreEye drops PCD franchise in Vellore
PCD Pharma Franchise business in MaduraiOphthalmic PCD Pharma franchise in Hosur
Pharma franchise Business in AmburFranchise Business in Gudiyatham
Eye drops Pharma franchise in NagapattinamOphthalmic Franchise Business in Karaikudi
PCD Pharma franchise Business in SalemEye drops PCD business in Cuddalore
Ophthalmic Franchise Business in ErodePharma franchise in Kanchipuram
PCD Pharma Franchise business in KarurOphthalmic franchise company in Sivakasi

Target Places for PCD Pharma franchise in Andhra Pradesh

Primary locations In Andhra Pradesh. The scope of these locations are higher to start a pharma franchise business.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Vishakha PatnamPCD Pharma Franchise in Vijayawada
Ophthalmic Pharma Franchise in TirupatiPharma Franchise company in Vizianagaram
Pharma Franchise business in ChittoorPCD Pharma Franchise in Machilipatnam
PCD Pharma Franchise in KurnoolOphthalmic Pharma Franchise in Srikakulam
PCD Pharma Franchise Company in TenaliPharma Franchise business in Mangalagiri
Ophthalmic Pharma Franchise in HindupurPharma Franchise Company setup in Kakinada
Pharma Franchise in DharmavaramPCD Pharma Franchise in Anantapur
Eye drops Pharma Franchise in GudivadaPCD Pharma Franchise in Guntakal
PCD Pharma Franchise company in Kadapa Eye drops PCD Pharma Franchise in Adoni
PCD Pharma Franchise Business in EluruPharma Franchise Business in Nandyal

Our Product Range for eye drops PCD Pharma franchise Company in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai

Opdenas Lifesciences provides a wide range of products and medicines in various formulations. We are committed to the creation of a high- quality eye drops range franchise in Andhra Pradesh and only offer the safest, most effective treatments for patients. Our high -quality Ophthalmic Product helps patients with serious eye disorders. Some of our high- quality Ophthalmic/Eye Drops combinations are listed below:

  • Eye ointment – Eye ointments are used to treat eye diseases. Eye drops company in Kerala provides a special range of Eye ointments.
  • Eye drops – Eye drops are used for multiple purposes. Ear drops – Ear drops are used for treating ear disorders. 
  • Nasal drops – we use Nasal drops for breathing and nose related issues.
  • Tablets – Tablets are used for oral consumption in order to treat a disease.  
  • Capsules – Capsules are medicines packed in shells. Capsules are of 2 types in Eye drops company in Kerala. Firstly, soft gel capsules. Secondly, hard shell capsules.

Compositions of Eye ointments & gels and  Ear drops:

Earact      Gentamicin 0.3%+Clotrimazole 1% + Lignocaine 2%+            Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.025%
ROTOBROMBromfenac 0.09%
O-TROPTropicamide 0.8% +Phenylephrine 5%
OPDEMOL-BRBrimonidinE 0.2%+Timolol Maleate0.5% + Chloride Solution 0.02%
OPTOMAXMoxifloxacin .5%
PCSPot.lodide 3.3%+Sodium Chloride 0.9%+CaChloride1%
OZINEFlunarizine 10mg
OPDENACNepafenac 0.1%
OPTONATNatamycin 0.5%
OZINE-PRFlunarizine 10mg+Propranolol 40mg (SR)
OPTOMAX  Eye DropsMoxifloxacin. 0.5 %
OPTOFIT CapsAstaxanthin 2mg +Lutein 10mg+Zeaxanthin 2mg +Omega 3 Fatty Acid 500mg+ Vitamin A 1000 I.U
OPDEVIT CapsGrape Seed extract 25mg+Lutein (8%).3mg+Lycopene (6%) 2mg+Vit.A 5000 I.U.+ Zinc 23mg+Vit.B1-5mg+Vit.B2-5mg+ Vit.B6-1.5mg+Folic Acid 1.5mg+Zinc Sulphate 23mg+Selenium 75mcg+Vit. B12-15mcg
OPTOTOBTobramycin 0.3%

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