Benefits Of Exercise On Hair Health

Regular exercise has plenty of perks!

First off, you score extra endorphins, or what you generally call the happy hormone. It boosts the feel-good energy. Now, moving on to your body, this hormone can also lead to a good night’s sleep, reduce stress and increase energy levels.  

But, have you ever thought that exercise can also benefit you in ways you might not even realize — like positively impacting healthy hair growth? Sounds cool, right? 

Exercise & hair loss    

Each hair follicle needs nutrients and oxygen from the body’s blood vessels to grow properly. Exercise is important because it increases blood supply to the scalp, which means more oxygen and nutrients get to the scalp. 

This, in turn, nourishes your hair roots, and the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle (when new hair forms) is kicked into gear. Including exercises or yoga in your daily routine can help you see improvements in the health of your hair. 

Certain exercises release natural oils from the scalp that nourish the hair roots, thus promoting healthy hair growth. Moreover, regular exercise reduces stress levels, one of the causes of hair loss. 

However, you must note that exercise itself is not enough! Exercise combined with a healthy diet and a solid hair wellness routine are the added benefits to your hair. Also the use of Natural hair serum will help as well.

Best exercises for healthy hair

Now, let’s check out some of the best exercises for healthy hair growth:

Neck exercise

Neck exercises are a good way to get healthy hair growth. Simple neck stretches to release tension and stress in the muscles around your head and neck, which can help your hair grow. Simply by moving your head from side to side and front to back, you can improve blood flow, which will help your hair grow.


Jogging allows you to sweat out the toxins from your body. The sweat release also opens the pores on your scalp and unclogs hair follicles, making room for hair to grow. Further, jogging increases blood circulation to the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. 

Breathing exercise

As you know, breathing exercise involves a set of inhalations and exhalations. It helps hair grow faster, stops hair from falling out, and keeps hair from turning grey too soon. This breathing exercise increases oxygen, which helps repair damaged hair and encourages new hair growth.

Scalp massage

A simple yet inexpensive exercise for hair growth. This improves blood circulation in the scalp and opens the scalp pores to provide essential nutrients to the hair follicles. It also reduces stress and offers relaxation, thus promoting hair growth. 


From downward-facing down (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to a shoulder stand (Sarvangasana), yoga is one of the most fun ways to help the hair grow long as the blood rushes toward the scalp.


Extreme exercises or overexercising can definitely take a toll on you! If you do a lot of intense exercises and don’t eat right, your body might not get enough vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth. Too much high-energy exercise could also cause hormones to be out of balance and slow hair growth. 

So moderation is the key!

Perfect balance

The health of your hair is often a sign of how well you are doing in general. If your hair is getting thinner or falling out more, it may be because it isn’t getting enough nutrition. Focusing on healthy habits, such as a good diet, hair care products, and exercise, is the best way to deal with hair growth problems. 

The best part? You don’t always have to do cardio as part of your workout routine. Instead, you can help your hair grow by doing yoga, acupuncture, or just massaging your head.