The long-term benefits of cataracts surgery

A fully functional sight is one of the best gifts anyone could have. When different eye conditions like cataract reduce the quality of your vision, it is important to get immediate treatment.

Cataracts surgeryis a fast and effective treatment option for cataracts. Its success rate is above 98%, and it only has a few complications which rarely occur. This has made it a preferred treatment option, and millions of persons undergo cataracts surgery yearly.

The benefits of undergoing cataracts surgery, by far, outweigh the possible complications. It improves the overall vision and quality of life. The other long-term benefits of cataract surgery asides from vision improvements include the following.

Fewer fractures from falling

Ageing comes with different problems, and one of them is falling. A broken leg may not affect you so much at a younger age, but in old age, it could lead to several serious problems. 

One of the main causes of falling in old age is impaired vision, but you can reduce the risk of falling when you undergo cataract surgery, which could cause several problems. Research has shown that hip fractures in people above 65 are less in those who have undergone cataracts surgery.

benefits of cataracts surgery

Cataract surgery will indirectly help reduce pain, confinement to a wheelchair, or bed, affecting the quality of living.

Regain independence

If you have cataracts, it affects your vision, and this could make you lose your driver’s license, increasing your dependence on people. It could also affect little things like your ability to read the instruction on labels, and going about your daily activities.

With cataracts surgery, you can retain your driver’s license, run errands for yourself without the danger of harming yourself.

Improved quality of life

Getting around your regular activities without vision problems like cataracts may be challenging as you age and you may not be able to do all the things you love if you have to deal with the effects of cataracts. These reasons make it common to find older persons plagued with things like obesity and depression.

Undergoing cataracts surgery to regain your perfect vision will help you avoid the effect of cataracts on your health. Cataract surgery can improve the quality of your life considerably as you can comfortably support yourself.

A study has shown that cataract surgery improved the quality of life by about 36% due to the increased self-confidence, ability to participate in fun activities, work and spend time with family or friends.

A higher chance of living longer

Research has shown that cataracts surgery has led to a reduced mortality rate, although the exact reason for this is not clear. Some studies attribute the reduced mortality to increased quality of life which gives better physical and emotional health.  

You can increase your chances of having a longer and better life by undergoing cataract surgery  in London. Book an appointment today at Optimal Vision to undergo cataracts eye surgery.

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