How to Tell if You are Eligible for Bariatric Surgery in Long Island?

Weight loss surgery is not only going to reduce your weight, but it will also alter your digestive system in most cases permanently. So, the decision of whether you want to get weight loss surgery done or not is not easy. However, even if you decide to get bariatric surgery in Long Island, you have to be eligible for the surgery. You can get different kinds of weight loss surgeries done, and each of them requires you to be qualified since these surgeries are not for everyone who wishes to get them done. If you want to get a bariatric surgery done and wonder if you can be eligible for it or not, then this article is for you, and we suggest you read it until the end.

Medical requirements in Long Island for weight loss surgery

While it is best to go with non-invasive natural weight loss methods such as exercise and limiting calorie intake, these methods might not work or be enough for some people. However, even if you have difficulty losing weight despite all your efforts, there are additional requirements in Long Island and around the US for weight loss surgery. Reputed weight loss clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery follow the guidelines given by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (AMBS) when deciding if a patient qualifies for weight loss surgery. As per these guidelines, you are eligible for a weight loss procedure only if you meet the following criteria:

  • If you have a body mass index (BMI) of more than or equal to 40 and you have an excess weight of more than 100 pounds, then you can qualify for weight loss surgery. Your BMI can be calculated using free online BMI calculating tools.
  • If you are not severely overweight and have a BMI score of less than 40 but suffer from obesity related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, you may qualify for weight loss surgery.
  • When your BMI is lower than 35, but you have type 2 diabetes that doesn’t respond to conventional treatments and medication, then you might qualify for a weight loss surgery so your body can regulate blood sugar. According to experts, diabetes can be cured within two days after weight loss surgery in up to 80% of cases, which is a good number.

Who doesn’t qualify for a weight loss surgery?   

Now that you know who qualifies for a weight loss surgery, it only makes sense to know who doesn’t. Bariatric surgery in Long Island requires you to go through a pre-surgery medical screening in most cases, and this screening involves consultation with different medical experts. You may have to go to your doctor, dietician, physiologist, and surgeon. 

These experts will look at your history of weight gain and evaluate your attempts at losing weight naturally. They will also look at your health status and assess the risk of heart-related diseases, your mental health status, and see if you have an eating disorder, among other things.

Are there any age restrictions for weight loss surgery? 

In short, weight loss surgery does not have an age restriction, and as long as children or adults qualify for the weight loss procedure, they can get it done. Obese children that get weight loss surgery done during childhood can see the benefits of the surgery later on in life as adults in the form of a healthy weight. The benefits you get from your weight loss surgery can also be affected by the doctor you pick for the procedure. This is why it is essential to look for a reputed Long Island weight loss doctor to get your weight loss surgery.

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