Baby Teething Symptoms: 9 Signs of a Teething Baby

What do you understand with teething? When from the inside of the gum line the teeth of the baby start coming then it is known as teething. We also call this as odontiasis.

At What Age Teething Starts in Babies?

It takes 4 to 7 months to start teething in babies. However sometimes it takes a little more time in some babies.

Teething signs and symptoms

  • Changes in the patterns of sleeping and eating
  • Babies bring hands to the mouth
  • Pulling the ear and rubbing the cheek
  • Coughing
  • So much drool
  • They want to chew hard things
  • Their temperature rises slightly
  • Crying and fussing
  •  Tender, swollen gums

The babies do not get sick because of teething but some pain can occur because of this. If the baby has congestion, cough, high fever, rashes, vomiting or diarrhea then consult a doctor. You cannot consider these as teething signs. If the baby’s face swells or pus comes out of his gums then consult a pediatrician.

How teething happens?

On the basis of family history, baby teeth come. At first the two teeth of the lower front side come. After this the two teeth of the opposite top side come. Then from both the sides of these the teeth come. After this from the bottom front teeth’s either side the two teeth come. Then you will see the first molars. After this on the first molars’ front side the teeth will come. In the end you will see the back molars. By the age of 3 the number of baby teeth will be 20.

How to soothe a baby at the time of teething?

The soothing treatment will be different for different babies.

  • A teething toy that is refrigerated and solid, a washcloth that is wet and clean or a cold pacifier can help in soothing. The baby’s mouth can get hurt because of very cold teething toys that are frozen and this has been said by some experts. After using various items like washcloths and teething toys you need to clean these.
  • You can also offer a teething cracker that is unsweetened and hard.
  • Take a sippy cup and offer cool water to your 6-9 months old baby.
  • Use your clean finger and gently rub the gums and give them a massage. Before feeding the baby give their gums a massage and during this process you have to dip the fingers in cool water again and again.

Avoid a number of treatments

If something doesn’t soothe teething then don’t use that thing for your baby’s mouth. These types of things can include:

  • Teethers having liquid that can be torn easily.
  • The baby’s throat can get choked with the teethers made of plastic or breakable material.
  • For the mouth of the baby the teethers can be very hard if these are solid and made by freezing.

If teethers are made from lead then these can be very harmful for the health of the baby. Use rubber teethers instead.

Necklaces for teething

It can be dangerous to use teething necklaces as said by some child health experts. These can strangle the neck. Also, if the baby swallows the beads of a broken necklace then his throat can get choked.

If you are interested in using the teething necklace then you need to ensure the following things:

  • Don’t use it near the baby’s neck. Rather use it on the ankle or on the wrist.
  • At the time of wearing it, have a close look at your baby.
  •  The moment when you are not present near the baby, take it away.

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