Awakening Your Yoniverse with Yoni Eggs

Sometimes putting things into the vagina can feel a little intimidating. This guide to yoni eggs will put all your fears, misconceptions, and unanswered questions to rest!

Yoni is a Sanskrit word often used to describe the female sexual organs, including the vagina and vulva, and occasionally the uterus. It represents the Goddess Shakti (divine feminine energy). A yoni egg is a small smooth egg-shaped stone or crystal inserted into the yoni and worn for several holistic benefits. These precious stones are rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities.

Nephrite jade yoni egg

Types of Yoni Eggs

Jade yoni eggs

These stones emit a light, healing energy that helps purify the body, heal wounds easier, and balance the user’s state of mind.

Rose Quartz yoni eggs

These stones are commonly known as the heart-healing crystal. Rose quartz is often liked in matters of love and romance.

Nephrite jade yoni eggs

These stones balance nerves and soothe cardiac rhythm. It is excellent for the physical body and especially for the female reproductive system.

Why practice yoni eggs

  • Boost sensual, sexual, feminine energy and passion.
  • Heal physical and emotional trauma stored in the womb.
  • Stone of calm in the midst of storm.
  • Build yoni strength and pelvic floor muscle control.
  • Contribute to youthful skin, improved genital tone, and healthy lubrication, even after menopause.
  • Explore, express, and embody the creative energy.
  • Reduce the risk of menstrual cramps, breast discomfort.
  • Balance all the chakras.
  • Control hormones and balance estrogen levels.
  • Develop a better understanding of female anatomy.
  • Prepare for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.
  • Attracts and emits energies of prosperity, fertility, creativity, and abundance.
  • Toning lower abdominal muscles.
  • Lessen the risk of PMS and menstrual cramps.
  • Improve overall health, such as immunity, sleep, and concentration, and reduce stress.
  • Cultivate feelings of self-worth and connection to oneself.

The best and the commonly used yoni eggs

Nephrite jade yoni egg is the traditionally used gemstone for Yoni Egg practice. In Ancient China, the Queen and her concubines used a jade egg to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor and keep a healthy reproductive system for the king. By wearing a Kegal weight internally for 30 minutes a day, it reduces urinary incontinence symptoms, prolapse, and vaginal dryness.

Most common highlights of Nephrite jade yoni eggs

  1. One of the most powerful and densest crystals available in the market.
  2. Well-renowned as a stone of wealth and vitality.
  3. Perfect for its physical heart healing qualities.
  4. Helps in providing a sense of calm, well-being, and confidence. 
  5. Supportive of new love, transitions, and ventures, aiding to relieve fear and promote feelings of trust.
  6. Prevents sagging of the uterus, rectum, and bladder.
  7. Used for birth training and post-birth recovery.

Effectiveness of Nephrite jade yoni eggs 

Nephrite jade yoni eggs help women gain pelvic strength effectively. It is an ideal gift for a woman to prevent incontinence, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and restore her pelvic strength after childbirth.

The best yoni eggs are 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade, manually polished with outstanding finishing, without any chemical treatment or dyeing.

The eggs work as a weight resistance tool to stimulate, activate and build our pelvic floor when doing our Kegal exercises, just like lifting weights at the gym for building our bicep or abdominal muscles. Our vaginal wall is a muscle like any other muscle that requires strengthening exercises to be vital, toned, and healthy.

How to use Nephrite jade yoni eggs 

  • When using for the first time, wash and sanitize with warm water and soap.
  • Lie down and relax. Spread your legs and insert the larger end of the yoni eggs.
  • As the jade eggs move, you can feel the muscle move.
  • Practice several times every day.
  • Kegal yoni eggs can be used during yoga practice and meditation or while walking and doing daily activities. 
  • After using yoni eggs, wash them with soap and water, and wrap them in a soft cloth.

To reveal and release the sacred feminine within, look for the top licensed professional dealers that will guarantee you to offer 100% original and certified nephrite jade yoni eggThe authentic jade is the highest quality egg available, as it helps to powerfully manifest health, prosperity, mastery, and good fortune.

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