Apple’s benefits for pregnant women and children:

Apples are essential in pregnancy, because:

1. They improve digestion (help with constipation) and improve metabolism;

2. Thanks to vitamin A, the immune system will be maintained, calcium will not run out of bones and teeth;

3. Vitamin B1 supports the central nervous system;

4. Vitamin PP and B3 will relieve migraines (dilated blood vessels);

5. Rich in iron (increasing hemoglobin in the blood) and vitamin C, essential for expectant mother and child;

6. Apple blood sugar is normal.

The average daily dose is 3-4 medium sized apples. Apples increase the production of gastric juice, but it is better to eat half an hour before the main meal. Fresh fruit can cause gas and cause colic. In this case, fresh fruit baked or juice replacement is desirable.

For breastfeeding women, it is better to limit the use of red and yellow apples, because it is an allergic reaction, the baby may stimulate the appearance of colic.

That’s important! During pregnancy and breastfeeding, green apples will be more beneficial for mother and baby – high content of vitamins, hyperlagenic, rich in iron, low in calories.

Green apple benefits for children:

1. Does not cause allergies.

2. The teething process (giving a peeled apple slice) helps train the brain.

3. Cleans teeth from good plaque.

4. Red damaged teeth cinnamon less and less.

5. Provides the child’s body with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

6. Boosts immunity and protects against viruses and bacteria.

The benefits of apples for digestion:

While the beneficial properties of an apple for humans should be listed, it should be remembered that apples have traditionally been used to treat gastric disorders (due to the beneficial effects of pectin). Molecular and tartaric acid improves digestion and intestinal microflora. To prevent constipation, it is advisable to add baked apples to your menu.

You know what? There are about 10 thousand different types of apples in the world. They vary in size and weight (from 30 to 500 grams), shape, color, aroma, taste. Scientists-nutritionists estimate that for maximum health one should eat at least 48 kg of apples per year (about half – consumed as juice).

Apple’s benefits for the cardiovascular system:

Potassium and catechins (antioxidants) in apples have beneficial effects on the heart profession, improving blood circulation. Soluble fiber (pectin) lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Regular consumption of green apples reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20%.

In patients with cardiac dystonia, the sweet species of red apple are compressed.

Apples are useful properties for gallbladder.

Sweet and whimsical green apples act as a choleretic, helping with dyskinesia. In case of chronic cholecystitis, green apples should be eaten in the morning for a month. The next meal or drink should not be before 4-5 hours. For glaucoma, it is recommended to drink half a kilo of apple juice for 20 minutes. Before meals.

Apple slimming benefits:

The fiber in apples, their low calorie content, delicious taste and easy availability of these fruits make apples (greens, greens) among the most common ingredients in various weight loss diets. 2-3 apples a day or a few glasses of apple juice will allow you to lose weight and normalize the body’s metabolism.

It should be remembered that:

1. With peptic ulcer, green apples are contraindicated (sweet type should be eaten).

2. Apples should be unpeeled, with melted.

3. Apples give a diuretic effect.

4. For best effect, they should be fresh and heat treated (if needed) – minimal.

The benefits of apples for healthy teeth:

The benefits of healthy teeth from apples are great – saturation with minerals and vitamins, gum massage. Once on the street, you can brush your teeth with apples (use the decor like a toothbrush or just eat an apple and brush your teeth). But when eating apples, keep in mind that they contain a lot of acid. The effect of the acid on the teeth during the process of eating apples (especially envelopes or yeast sweets) is known as “fill the mouth”. Apple lovers more often have saline damage. Advise dentists to wash your face after eating apples (you should not waste more than 30 minutes to brush your teeth. Helps to protect the cheese – you should chew small pieces.

The liver is helpful:

Regular consumption of apples and apple juice has a beneficial effect on the liver. Chlorogenic acid helps to remove oxalic acid, contributes to the normal functioning of the liver. Soluble pectins remove bad cholesterol. Apples are a real aid to the liver to detoxify the body – they remove carcinogens, heavy metals.

How to store apples in winter:

How to store apples in the winter is a very topical issue for fruit lovers. Fresh apples are best stored in a cool and dark place. Much depends on different observance standards. Summer is stored 2–4 weeks, winter – 2–3 months or more. For good storage, you need to select the whole not damaged fruit. Before placing the storage in a cardboard or wooden container, the fruit is not washed (you can wipe with a cloth with glycerin), they are wrapped in paper and sprinkled with dried nuts or peat chips.

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