Acupuncture for Migraines

While the exact cause of migraines remains a mystery, their effects can be devastating. The condition is symptomized by pain that can manifest many times within a month. Treatment is geared towards managing pain through the use of painkillers, and by omitting certain triggers.

Acupuncture for Migrain

However, with increased frequency many people are turning to heavier medications with higher risks of side effects and dependency. Turning to alternative therapies such as acupuncture for chronic pain NYC offers is not only cheaper but is also good for your general well-being. Before visiting an acupuncturist in NYC, here is what you need to know about migraine and acupuncture.

What Is a Migraine and how is it Treated?

A migraine is an intense headache that typically affects a single side of the head. The pain can also be accompanied by a pulsating or throbbing sensation. Migraines also differ from typical headaches in that the condition is persistent and frequent.

When the illness is chronic, it exhibits for 8 days or more every month, for a period of more than 3 months. Not many migraines rise to the level of becoming chronic, but the condition is serious in that can lead to cardiovascular episodes.

There isn’t a magic pill for treating migraines, with the conventional approach being management of the attacks and the associated side effects. Mild migraines can be treated with simple painkillers with the dosage increased as the condition persists.

The problem is that there is a limit to how many painkillers the system can tolerate without addiction complications. For example, opiates, which are effective in pain relief, can become addictive as the disease progresses to chronic levels.

It is with this in mind that New Yorkers turn to acupuncture for migraines. NYC acupuncturists are seen as a promising alternative.

Why Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapeutic treatment that is shown to be effective in treating pain. It involves inserting thin needles into the skin at strategic spots, known as acupoints. Once the needles are inserted, the body’s internal mechanism reacts by increasing circulation and alleviating pain. It is this self-healing philosophy that makes the acupuncture for chronic pain NYC offers so popular. The treatment also increases the release of endorphins, which are pain-killing chemicals found naturally in the body. 

To enhance the results, the needles may be manipulated, or heat may be applied on the area. Mild electrical current as well as lasers and suction cups can also feature in the treatment.

How Acupuncture is done

When you seek out acupuncture for migraines, NYC practitioners will use sterile disposable needles that are around 0.22 mm in diameter. The needles are inserted in predetermined acupoints depending on the condition under treatment. 

The acupoints for migraines are located around the ear, hand, and foot. Other pressure points that also help with pain are found on the forehead, base of the skull, and the shoulder.

Depending on the symptoms, electrical stimulation may be used to increase stimulation of acupoints. Known as electroacupuncture, this is a modified treatment whereby electric current is passed between 2 needles. It is also possible that your acupuncturist may burn some aromatherapeutic herbs in the room to enhance the procedure.

Source: Acupuncture Clinic NYC

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