Essential Features of Active Masks

Activated carbon mask, also known as activated carbon medical mask, is produced from a filter cloth containing activated carbon, helping to protect the health of the user.

1. What is active mask?

Activated carbon is used in the manufacture of masks made of carbon treated at a steam temperature (between 9000-1000 degrees C), in an anaerobic environment to create capillary structured carbon. The circuit is quite large, in order to reduce the density, increase the contact surface. Normally, the activated carbon masks will contain activated carbon or can be made directly from activated carbon fiber.

Therefore, the active mask is evaluated to bring many preeminent features, not only capable of preventing dirt but also preventing some types of toxic chemicals and gases such as CO2, SO2, H2S, … minimizing the harmful effects on human health.

2. Kinds of active masks are a favorite today

In general, activated carbon masks are usually divided into two main categories, including those with activated carbon sheets that are placed between two layers of fabric and the other is woven fabric from activated fibers, sewn together.

The activated fibers used here are fabrics that have been impregnated with activated carbon, only effective after 2 washing times. Readers should note that when buying activated carbon masks if you receive an ad that the charcoal lining will last up to 1 year is not correct because this charcoal liner will be able to “full” right after a few days of use, can not be used again.

When buying fine dust masks or activated carbon masks that have a bad smell, there is a high possibility that the manufacturer used glue to fix the activated carbon particles together, this may causing the coal layer to lose its adsorption effect.

3. What benefits does an activated carbon mask bring?

Active masks are widely used by people for their benefits such as:

Prevent dust, environmental pollution when in traffic

Preventing some respiratory diseases such as flu, tuberculosis

Avoid direct sunlight, UV rays, …

Wearing masks helps workers prevent poisoning, and makes them safer

In some manufacturing industries such as wood production, wearing masks will help workers minimize the amount of fine dust inhaled.

4. How to distinguish active masks?

Recently, due to an outbreak of some infectious diseases in the air, the Ministry of Health recommends that people wear medical masks to protect their health and the community when they go out. Therefore, masks become items that are “hunted” in pharmacies more than ever.

As a result, fake activated carbon masks are rampant. Because the mask is in direct contact with the human body, if using fake activated carbon masks, it can cause serious consequences for the user. You should read carefully and learn more trusted information before making any decision, check top or best facemask information on the prestigious website and source. Besides, there is some great brand like Halolife mask, bringing high-quality facemask with coupons to help you save money when shopping online. Make sure you check it before purchase any.

Here are some notes when buying activated carbon masks so that readers can distinguish true-fake simply:


Usually activated carbon masks will use a fairly soft fabric, on the contrary, the fabric of the fake masks is usually quite rough. For real masks, when put on, you will not feel uncomfortable friction in the face, extremely comfortable. When touched, you will see a thicker filter layer, providing a higher protection effect for the user.

Activated carbon layer inside

The activated carbon layer is the core of an active mask, has the highest protection in the process of using the mask. To realize the true-to-fake, the simplest way is to cut the outermost layer of the mask. Next, proceed to forcefully pull the middle layer of the mask.

If it is a standard activated carbon medical mask, the middle layer will not tear and be quite tough, and the fake mask will tear as soon as you pull it, which is usually just a black cloth to cover the user’s eyes.

To be able to buy quality, genuine medical masks, go to reputable medical establishments, shops, and agents. Do not go to small drug stores with unknown origins. Be a smart consumer to protect the health of you and your loved one.

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