Acanthosis Nigricans – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

The texture and color of the human skin are dependent upon a number of factors including melanin, a chemical that is present in the skin and imparts a certain color and texture. There are also many conditions that may develop in the skin due to an imbalance in the normal functioning of the skin. One of them is Acanthosis Nigricans. In this write-up, you would learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatments that are used to counter the signs of this particular condition. Read some interesting facts about this condition.  

What are Acanthosis nigricans?

Before proceeding with the treatment, it would beneficial to have some knowledge ahead of every session. Thus, the highlights of this condition are some discrepancies in the texture and visible skin. Read the basic features of this disease for some basic information about this condition:

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  • This disease begins with the dark-textured and velvety fading in the target areas of the body.
  • This causes thickening of the skin of which the main parts are the armpits, neck, and groin.
  • People who are diabetic and obese have more risk of developing this condition.
  • The children who have the signs of this disease are prone to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

These are some salient features of this disease. Basically, three points are an overview of this condition. For more information, you may find the relevant information about this condition on the platforms that have seen the interaction with the patients and doctors.

Causes of Acanthosis nigricans

There are a number of causes behind every issue that happens with your body. All you need to knoe is those causes. The main causes of these conditions are may. However, some of them are being shared below in the lines.

  • Hormonal disorders are the main cause of any type of malfunctioning happening in the body. Mostly, ovarian cysts, thyroids, and adrenal glands can be the source of the problems.
  • Medications and drugs may have caused the signs of this condition. Thus, you must refrain from taking any prohibited medication.
  • Cancerous conditions may also be responsible for this condition. If these signs of skin discoloration are developing, it is high time to see a doctor. This can be the entrance to the problem of hormonal disorder.
  • Resistance to insulin is also the cause behind the development of these conditions  The patients who have this condition have more risks associated with diabetes.Take this precaution to avoid this passing in the genes.

Symptoms of Acanthosis Nigricans

These are the symptoms of this skin discoloration issue. Find the common symptoms that you must not forget to notice and rush to the doctor for medical aid:

  • Itching on the skin may be a very common symptom.
  • The discoloration of the skin may be a frequent episode that may cover many areas after expanding to the whole body.
  • The skin where this condition is thickened may thicken or may grow to be dark as compared to the other areas of the body.

There may be many more symptoms that you just notice before they grow out to be worse. In any case of complications, it is necessary to like the doctor.

Factors that enhance the risks and complications

These are the signs and signs of complications that are associated with these conditions. Find them so that you know about the intensity of this condition.

  •  Obesity: If you are obese or underweight, then the risk of having this disease may be enhanced. In simple words, you need to be under control so that you are not prone to this condition.
  • Genetics: If it has been running in your family and genes, then there are chances that you or your siblings may be prone to this state. It is inevitable but if you talk to the doctor, it may be possible to get rid of it.
  • Racial Background: It has been found that this condition is more prone to the people who belong to the native American group.

Treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans

After making the diagnosis of this condition, the doctor would take these steps to proceed with the treatment of this condition. However, you would have to take care of the following things while preparing for the treatment:

  •  Weight loss is important. You must not be obese or overweight as it can invite trouble concerning the problem of skin discoloration and fading.
  • Surgery can also be one of the best ways to get rid of this condition.
  • Stop taking inappropriate medication and supplements.

Your doctor would take more thorough care of this consciousness after seeing all the sides of this condition. However, you must not forget to do your part.


So, it must have been possible to learn about the treatment of acanthosis nigricans. With the help of this information, it must have been an aspect of information for you. If you know what is the most important thing for resolving the issues of this problem, then it would be easy to scan through these and get the resolutions. However, if you need to get the help of the experts, you must try to get the treatment with the learned team of the medical experts.

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