6 Signs Of Iron Deficiency That Are Common In Women

The female body needs an appropriate amount of iron to function well from puberty to their older years of life. In case if your body does not absorb a fair amount of iron from food, your body will begin using stored iron, which is not good for your health. It will lower down the red blood cells count, which eventually affects the oxygen-carrying process. Simply put, the vital organs will receive less oxygen than required.

iron supplements for pregnant wome

The lack of iron stores in the body can give birth to anemia and make you vulnerable to many diseases. The pregnancy and menstruation period is crucial for females as the iron drop is very high. The pregnant woman’s body needs a lot more iron than a normal woman. Due to these reasons, clinicians suggest iron supplements for pregnant women.

The iron alternatives safeguards expecting mothers from anemia and creates optimum iron reserves that help them while giving a natural childbirth. According to expert gynecologists, a female must start taking iron alternatives as soon as she gets pregnant.

Several tests help in detecting iron deficiency, but the most common is hemoglobin tests. If your HB falls below 12 grams, you are likely to have iron deficiency anemia. Apart from medical diagnosis and procedures, some early symptoms help you detect that your body does not have an optimum iron reserve.

Some of the warning signs includes the following -:

Unbearable Pain & Flow During Periods

If you have heavy blood flow and severe pain during the menstruation cycle, you might be suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Factually, every female loses up to 40ml blood per menstruation cycle. However , if it is more than the stated number then it is better to consult a doctor. There is a two-way relation between iron deficiency and blood loss: the iron-deficient woman experiences heavy menstruation bleeding and excessive blood loss during periods that cause a shortage of iron.


The people who have moderate iron stores may not experience this problem, but yes, the people having severe iron deficiency often experience breathing problems. They feel difficulty in   climbing stairs, running, and even walking for a short distance.

The reason is that iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells that supply oxygen. The lack of iron means a decrease in RBCs, and in such cases, the body has to do extra work to transport oxygen and results in breathlessness.

Pounding Heart

When the heart beats out of rhythm, it is known as pounding heart. Anemia is the major cause of this problem. The low number of red blood cells puts an extra burden on the heart, which results in irregular heartbeat and can cause heart failure in extreme cases. So, if you are having such a problem, it would be better to go for the hemoglobin test and start medication without any delays.

Unusual Cravings

The anemic women often have cravings for dirt & clay, especially during the conception period, which is not good. The pregnant lady should eat healthy and nutritious food for the optimum growth of the embryo. Therefore, it is vital to consume iron supplements for pregnant women. It helps in boosting iron status and keeps you away from strange cravings.

Frequent Headaches

As per the report of the National Headache Foundation, the low iron content leads to frequent headaches. This is because the nervous system does not get a good amount of oxygen to work well. It has been seen that iron-deficient females often have migraine problems, especially in menstruating ones.


One of the reasons behind hair fall in women is poor iron intake. The role of a blood protein hemoglobin is to deliver vital nutrients to the hair. If HB content in the blood is low, it can result in weak hair and hair fall. You might have seen the females have hair loss after delivering the baby. This is because of the low consumption of iron.

The other symptoms of iron deficiency are anxiety, thyroid, pale skin, brittle nails, etc. You can safeguard yourself from anemia by switching to iron-rich food and supplements.

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