6 Important Lessons Coronavirus Teach Us

1. We need to have emergency funds

Take note of the emergency fund when you are making this expenditure plan. This is the longest rainy day/period so far. Anyone who previously didn’t understand why emergency funding was needed, I hope it will be successful now.

Life Lesson: You should spend about 3-6 months living and touch it except in case of an emergency. It may seem like a lot. However, the purpose is to give you a cushion if you keep losing the job or need some time to transform into a job. Going forward, this is your epidemic relief fund. Basically, this is so that you do not fall into debt or you have to sell valuables.

2. Career backup plans are important

During this time many people are losing their jobs or losing their jobs. Unemployment tops 13%! A common theme for noticing this is advising on multiple income streams or starting a direction. Although I think this is an effective option, not everyone can do it. Their skill sets do not allow these, or they are already under so much pressure as a result of their initial job or for some other reason.

Life Lesson: Yes, multiple sources of income are one way to define yourself in the future, but I think we should all consider moving forward with career backup plans. This crisis has shown us that you never know what could happen; Even healthcare is not a secure profession (many first-line people are taking pay cuts, such as sub-specialty services taking only alternative methods or outpatient care). We should all have an idea of ​​what else we can do with our skills; Or what areas we are interested in learning so that we can be forced to pivot.

Times are changing, and more is coming. We should adjust to these extraordinary occasions and be ready for any chance.

3. Social media exaggerates

What number of are totally overpowered or disappointed by online media? There are many things that a brain can take. Now we all have so much time on our hands and I’m sure most of that time has been spent online. However, I’m sure if you’re looking for it, it actually makes it worse.

Lessons from life: There are many things on social media that are exaggerated, false, or taken out of context. For these reasons, I had to stop reading stories. I hope that whatever you read online from here, you take with plenty of salt.

Look for credible newsletters to understand the facts; Update the experts who are doing their best and working tirelessly to bring you updates; And most importantly, take a break from your phone. You don’t generally need to remain associated.

4. Our teachers are so important

How many parents are doing homeschooling now? How many people think that it would be less painful to cover the eyes with a hot stick?

Life Lessons: Our teachers are some of the most essential people in our society. They actually work hard and deserve much more respect and money than they deserve. When schools reopen and we move on with life, let’s give our teachers a huge shout out and advise them to help.

5. We need to be slow

We experience a daily reality such that is “go”. We are under constant pressure to be productive, to compete, and to be better than our peers or ourselves and never take a break. Although this has resulted in many of us have successful careers, as I said before, it is not sustainable. We are burning, we are getting tired, and hiding our frustration. In short, we have lost the balance of our work life. We have to get it back and begin carrying on with our best lives.

Life lesson: Let’s slow down. We have to live one day at a time and pay attention to where we are. I know it’s a lot easier than getting done, and I’m not saying you don’t plan for the future. I just think we should do better to be present and more aware. We all know that life is short; Let us wake up from this and try to truly enjoy life and count every moment.

6. Mental health is important

All we are doing right now is dealing with being limited, dealing with boredom, going crazy in our homes, learning to deal with our fears, and fighting to maintain our prudence. Some people fight this every day, every week, every year. To make it even simpler, life has to be made up of all sorts of irrational things that we have to deal with and now it’s even worse because of the epidemic.

Recent research has shown that one-third of Americans suffer from depression and anxiety – an increase from before the epidemic.

Life Lesson: Mental health is an integral part of our health and our physical health needs to be addressed just as consistently. It is not forbidden. It’s real and it’s normal. I hope that this epidemic will highlight the need for regular mental-health checks and care.

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