5 Tips to Control Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problems of today’s generation. Men and women both face this problem. Some hairs are quite natural to fall, but when large amount of hair keep falling it become troublesome. Hair fall can be due to several problems. Often we see that the hair with weaker root fall easily. The reason behind this weak root can be hair damage caused by pollution, lack of proper care, sleeping pattern, stress, extreme diet and many more. It can be also due to changing weather. Like our skin our hair also needs extra care sometimes. Here are five tips you can use in your daily routine to control hair fall.

Hair fall

1. Hair Cleansing

Cleansing is very important part of our daily routine whether it is skin care or hair care. You should cleanse your hair regularly in order to avoid getting dry and damaged hair. One of the most confusing questions we face is how many times we should wash our hair per week. The answer according to experts depends on the type of atmosphere you are working across. If you are someone working in the field you should wash your hair three to four times a week. Otherwise your hair will do okay with washing them twice a week it also depends on hair scalp. People with oily scalp need to shampoo more than one with dry scalp.

2. Natural Hair Mask

One of the major reasons of hair fall is dandruff. You should use hair mask regularly in order to avoid having a dusty scalp which is usually the reason of having dusty scalp. But while using hair mask is necessary you should also avoid using hair mask with too much chemical in it. There are lots of chemical free hair masks.

You can also go for old school and make natural hair mask with ingredients available easily in your kitchen. You can prepare natural mask by mixing egg white, henna powder, yogurt, lemon etc. after mixing them, put it throughout your hair for thirty minutes and wash it afterwards. Hair mask gives you added benefit of having shiny and luxurious texture.

3. Scalp Massage

It is a known fact that after getting a spa we instantly feel refreshed and our skin feels so good. In the same way our scalp also needs regular massage for better blood circulation. By massaging the scalp, we are also helping the roots of our hair get stronger. Stronger roots mean they won’t easily fall from your head. You should massage your head at least once a weak.

While massaging your hair, you can add plenty of oil to it. It is better to take plenty of oil in a bowl and warm it a bit for better result. You should dip your fingers in oil and slowly massage your scalp. You should let your hair oily for at least three to four hour before washing it. You can also keep it overnight for better result.

4. Tie up Hair

While often going out of our house we leave our hair open. Due to windy atmosphere and pollution our hair gets tangled up. While combing to get it untangled our comb comes out with lot of our hair. It is instead better to tie up your hair.

You can tie up your hair in pony tails, bun etc. This also helps to keep hair safe from dust and pollution. You can also tie up your hair loosely in a pony tail in night so it doesn’t turn frizzy by morning. An added benefit of tying up your hair in plaids overnight is that you can have tangle free hair and lovely, natural curls by next morning.

5. Hair Oil & Serum

There are plenty of hair oil and serum available in market that can make your hair smoother, shiner and lustrous. There are different type of hair oil and serum; you can choose one according to your hair type. There are lot of variation in hair oil and serum, some are use for hair growth, some are for lightweight, some for thicker hair. Apart from using hair oil and hair serum you can also use hair cream instead.

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